10 children found, 200 arrested in anti-trafficking sting operation

Attorney General Dave Yost details the results of the surgery.

Columbus, Ohio — As part of state-wide anti-trafficking activities, firefighters from the Columbus Fire Department were arrested, more than 200 were arrested, and 10 missing children were recovered.

Attorney General Dave Yost details the results of an operation called “Ohio Knows” during a briefing with several law enforcement agencies on Monday. You can see the updates in the following players:

The week-long operation arrested 161 people seeking sex purchases, including three seeking sex purchases from minors and 50 offering to sell sex. In addition, investigators recovered 10 missing children. According to the latest information from the Attorney General’s office, these children are being serviced.

Among those arrested were city council members, teachers, professors, pilots, and firefighters, Yost said.

“I can’t shake my head and believe those stories,” Yost said. “It happens everywhere.”

Last month, the Columbus City Council passed an ordinance aimed at holding criminals accountable and at the same time helping victims. Anti-trafficking plans focus on criminal justice, victim services, technology, education, and community cooperation.

“We will continue to partner with all agencies throughout the state to address this very serious issue,” said Elaine Bryant, police chief of Columbus.

Columbus firefighter Andrew Bartnikowski was just one of the arrests made on September 27. He has been charged with being involved in prostitution.

According to court records, Bartnikowski responded to online ads to pay for sex.

He made multiple text messages and phone calls, and arrived in a hotel room where a masked investigator disguised as a prostitute was waiting for him.

Bartnikowski has worked with the Columbus division of Franklinton’s Fire Department 10.

Captain Steve Martin issued the following statement regarding the arrest of Baltnikovsky:

“We have noticed a criminal accusation against one of our members. The Divison of Fire has hired women and men to ensure that they are undoubtedly trusted by the general public we serve in responding to requests for assistance. We are working very hard to secure it.

“The accusation against this firefighter is disappointing and is not accepted by the standards of our department. The nominated members go through due process through the criminal court system and go through an administrative investigation to determine rule and regulatory breaches. I will face it. The result of that investigation. “

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10 children found, 200 arrested in anti-trafficking sting operation

Source link 10 children found, 200 arrested in anti-trafficking sting operation

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