10 hours a week, more usage time, phone preferences, and other online shopping

Not surprisingly, Ericsson Consumer Lab’s annual report on how Indians are currently using smartphones points to a significant increase in usage. The Ericsson Consumer Lab report, entitled The Future of Urban Reality, gathers data and insights from smartphone and internet users between the ages of 15 and 69 in India, not only significantly increasing the average time spent online, but also more. Suggests what Indians want this year to buy a 5G-enabled smartphone. But what stands out is that 36% of Indian smartphone and Internet users surveyed think it’s okay to monitor people’s information to protect them from crime, as well as globally. It is an observation that only 13% feels.

• According to a report by Ericsson Consumer Lab, Indians currently spend an average of 3.4 hours online a day. This has to do with the fact that not only students but also remote employees spend up to 3 hours a day in online classes and work. Especially on smartphones, it took 5 hours and 24 minutes every day.

• During the pandemic, as many as 46% of users also spent time on e-learning platforms. General web browsing (about 89 minutes a day) and watching short or long video content (about 92 minutes a day) also spent a considerable amount of time. About 10% of the total time spent online was also spent on voice calls.

• “Consumers add 10 hours of online time a week and an additional 2.5 services to their daily online activities at the next normal time,” reports Ericsson Consumer Lab. Globally, 64% of consumers believe that by 2025, their country’s general stress levels will be much higher than they are today.

• Smartphones seem to be a choice tool for accessing the Internet, with 52% of users surveyed in India prefer smartphones to PCs and laptops. There are many factors that determine it, such as laptop ownership and access to wired broadband services. This also means that 4 out of 5 smartphone users will be interested in buying 5G-enabled smartphones after 2021.

• There is also a clear affinity for mobile service providers such as Airtel, Reliance Jio and Vi. Seven out of ten smartphone users believe that service providers subscribing for prepaid or postpaid connections are market leaders in most areas. In addition, more than 58% of users surveyed in the Ericsson Consumer Lab report believe that their mobile service provider will be the market leader for 5G services.

• Globally, there is also a shift to online shopping. “Before the pandemic, online shopping accounted for about 34% of all consumer goods purchases worldwide, including fashion, technology and upholstery. During the pandemic, this increased to 53%. Consumers predict that online shopping will become a more common feature in the next normal shopping needs, “the report said.

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10 hours a week, more usage time, phone preferences, and other online shopping

Source link 10 hours a week, more usage time, phone preferences, and other online shopping

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