10 reasons to make soap at home

Over the last few years people have become aware of the importance of using hygiene products that contain natural ingredients. Industrial soaps contain too many synthetic substances that are harmful to health in the long run. So here are 10 reasons to make soap at home.

1-Soap is easy to make

Home soaps are easy to make. Keep in mind that in a span of five hours you can make several soaps that will last several months in your home. You just need to have a little patience because it takes about 30 days for the soaps to finish forming and setting up. Handmade soap is incredibly aromatic and gives off beautiful fragrances that you will enjoy on your own skin.

2-You control the quality of your soap

You can buy the natural ingredients you want your soaps to contain. You can opt for organic oils that are in harmony with the natural PH of the skin. The most beneficial oils come from the following ingredients: calendula, almond, olive, rosehip, wheat germ, argan, sesame, jojoba, among others.

3-Adopt the ingredients to the specific needs of your skin

Consult a dermatologist to determine the specific needs of your skin and to indicate the most suitable ingredients for your health. Then buy those ingredients and make your homemade soaps. You will feel completely safe knowing that you and your family are using soaps that are good for the skin’s health.

4-Natural ingredients are easy to obtain

To make soap at home is a pleasant, simple and inexpensive task. You can buy the ingredients online, in a supermarket or in any other store. The costs are totally affordable and will represent an important saving in your home economy.

5-Develop your creativity

Making homemade soaps contains general instructions that are easy to follow. Once you master this task you will be able to use your talent and imagination to create new recipes. Keep in mind that this hobby you enjoy so much could turn into a venture that will benefit your household finances.

6-You encourage your children to have more desire to bathe.

Some children have a hard time getting into the habit of bathing every day. You can make homemade soaps in the colors they like, plus the incredible fragrance these soaps emanate. You can invite your children in the soap making process, they will take it as a game and will be happy to help you.

7-Homemade soaps for multiple uses

You can make homemade soaps for your personal hygiene. When you master this technique, you will be encouraged to make soaps for clothes, dishes or an efficient stain remover. As you can see, making soap at home is an activity that makes your life easier in many ways.

8-Creating the most beautiful gifts

Giving soaps is always a good idea. Thanks to your creativity you can make soaps that adapt to the personal characteristics of your friend or loved one to whom you want to give a gift. Your homemade soaps can also be adapted to different celebrations such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, Children’s Day, among others.

9-In balance with the environment

To make soap at home is a task that is in harmony with the ecosystem and the environment. During this process you work only with natural ingredients that will never harm you, the ozone layer or the planet. You are collaborating with the balance of the ecosystem so that it functions well.

10-Approved for allergy sufferers

A large part of the world’s population suffers from skin allergies caused by the excess of chemical substances in perfumery and cleaning products. Homemade soaps respect the internal balance of the skin because they are made with botanical ingredients that do not harm the body.


To make soap at home can be a rewarding experience for you and your loved ones. You will feel proud to have acquired a new skill and use it for your personal hygiene and the hygiene of all your family members. In addition, this activity allows you to explore your own creativity and if you want to, you can turn this hobby into a successful venture. Keep in mind that nothing will make you happier than sharing your enthusiasm with those you love.





















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