15 richest poker commentators in the world

A real revolution was made by the World Poker Tour, which took place in 2003. The audience could observe the order of the drawing of the parties. The possibility of commenting allows you to see the opinion of the audience and experience all the emotions from the drawing of the parties. The demand for poker commentators is steadily growing. Tiffany Cutting, web editor of the Slotsspot project, bring to your attention a rating of the 15 richest commentators in 2021 known all over the world.

15. AJ Benza – $500,000

This famous actor successfully combined his career as a poker commentator. Fans could appreciate the Rocky Balboa movie, released in 2006 with his participation. In addition to acting, he successfully combined a journalism career and poker commentary. He has a lot of fans. In 2019, he returned to commenting on poker.

14. Lon McEachern – $500,000

His live performances brought unprecedented popularity. He has gained popularity among new poker fans. Speaking in tandem with Chad – another commentator. They attract attention and make the audience experience unprecedented emotions. For these commentators, the positive in the game is important. They never criticize players too harshly.

13. Norman Chad – $800,000

This sports columnist brought a lot of new ideas during the Poker Championship. It was they who suggested in 2003 to start removing hidden cards during a poker game. It was the tandem with Lon McEachern that allowed him to announce the Texas Hold’em game to the whole world. In 2020, they received a nomination in the Poker Hall of Fame.

12. Jesse May – $1.5 million

His show “Late Night Poker” introduced Americans to Texas Hold’em. His students were thousands of Britons in the 90s and 2000. Jessie May has an ironic approach to commenting on a poker tournament. His sharp comments can cheer up an army of fans. In 2012, he received an award for achievements in poker. This title will remain with him for life. Tandem with Nick Seremet attracted the attention of fans. They are watching Jesse May’s performances with bated breath.

His achievements in the game have made an invaluable contribution to its development. Only a man with such a sharp mind could win the hearts of millions of poker players.

11. David Tuchman – $1.9 Million

This person is the main commentator of the Poker Championship held in 2003. He also participated in live broadcasts of poker games. His experience in journalism allowed him to gain popularity in commenting on poker. He smoothly coped with his duties. His poker experience allowed him to perfectly cope with the duties of a commentator.

10. James Hartigan – $2 Million

This commentator won the hearts of poker fans with his charming voice. He commented on live online games, being in different parts of the world. Before becoming a poker commentator, James Hardigan worked as a radio host. The beginning of the poker boom was a new stage in his career.

9. Vince Van Patten – $2 Million

This famous actor conquered Hollywood with his charming smile. His father was the first poker commentator. Vince Van Patten replaced him in this post. His career began in 1990, after the death of his father. His career as a poker commentator prompted him to write the script of the movie “7 Days to Vegas” and shoot in it.

8. Ali Nejad – $2.5 Million

Ali Nejad has been one of the famous poker commentators for several years. His career in television began. Nejad became the only commentator who abandoned his studies because of poker. He gained fame in 2003 during a tournament with Mori Eskandani. His thorough knowledge of poker allowed him to open up new poker opportunities for players.

7. Maria Ho – $4 Million

She started her career as an ordinary poker player. Later, she added having a college degree to her resume, which allowed her to become a real poker commentator. A degree from the University of California allowed her to become a real poker shark. After graduating from university, she became seriously interested in poker. Regular participation in television programs allowed her to become a presenter, interviewer and commentator. Her unique style allowed her to receive the title of the best presenter in 2019.

6. Mike Sexton – $10 Million

This man became the first commentator of the First World Poker Tour. After spending more than 15 years behind the microphone, he died in 2020 at about 73 years old. He became the first commentator who initiated Americans into the exciting world of poker. It was the first world tour of poker that gave players the opportunity to watch the drawing of games with open cards. It was Mike Sexton who became the very first sports commentator who awakened the passion for this card game in Americans.

5. Joe Stapleton – $12 Million

An ordinary person managed to make a dizzying career in the field of poker. It was his participation in the poker show that introduced Americans to Texas Hold’em. It is distinguished by a laconic intonation, filled with notes of irony. This commentator won the hearts of the audience with his indescribable charisma. He is a well-deserved owner of several titles received at the All-World Poker Championship. It was he who conducted his expert analysis.

4. Nick Schulman – $13 Million

Nick Shulman offered a lot of new ideas during the presentation of poker games. It was his innovations during live broadcasts that allowed him to become a famous commentator and win the title during the Poker Championship. His unique style allowed him to become the owner of a whole army of fans.

3. Phil Hellmuth – $20 million

This person is the most famous person in the world of poker. He is a 15-time winner of the poker bracelet. With his enthusiasm, he attracts poker fans to the broadcast. This person is the only one who conducts expert analysis of all poker championships. His fans are surprised by his cheerful disposition and ease of communication. Incredibly, it’s people like that who drive business forward. Who would have thought that a gaming giant like Nintendo would release something related to gambling. But this particular company 7/17/2020 released a game called Slots of Poker at Aces Casino. These classic free online slot machines have the design and theme of poker.

2. Antonio Esfandiari – $27 Million

This person is a significant figure in the world of poker. He has contributed to the development of world poker. He has an army of fans with whom he is happy to communicate. This cheerful person shares his experience gained while playing poker.

1. Gabe Kaplan – $60 million

This famous actor became the first person to initiate live poker broadcasts. He is known for his participation in the popular sitcom “Welcome, Cotter”. A professional poker player, he took the place of the commentator with dignity. Before and after the peak of poker popularity, he successfully demonstrated his acting skills.


The rating presented above includes the richest poker commentators. Each of them has its own secret of success. They all started their journey to success in different ways. As you can see, the presented success stories show that success in the gaming field can be achieved by anyone, regardless of profession or status. Anyone can become a successful commentator of poker tournaments. To do this, it is enough to perfectly understand the subtleties of the game and have charisma that evokes sympathy from the audience.

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