2021 Lima News Dream Team Defensive Player of Year: Seaney linebacker Aldrich dedicates season to his father

Shawneetown Ship — Dedication.

Shawnee’s Myles Aldrich embodies the word in one or more ways.

Aldrich’s father died of pancreatic cancer before the finals of last season, so his seniors dedicated this season to his father. It was a linebacker and rewarded with an outstanding year for Indians.

During the regular season, Aldrich made a touchdown passcut with 120 tackle, 5 sack and 10 tackle losses. His performance on the field earned him the honor of the Western Back Eye League Defensive Back of the Year, the Division III All Northwest District Defensive Player of the Year, and the 2021 Lima News Dream Team Defensive Player of the Year. bottom.

“My goal this year was to win this year’s defensive player in the league, as he actually died before the last match last year,” Aldrich said. “So I wrote his birthday on the helmet every match, and when I play for them, I just play harder.”

Aldrich admitted that his father wasn’t a big sportsman who grew up, but said he certainly taught him the lessons of life, such as working hard and listening to authoritative figures.

“His lesson really stuck to me, and I’m just happy that he can still be part of my life,” Aldrich said.

Seany coach Jerry Cooper said it was his “I’m going to chase it” that made him stand out this year.

“From the first day of practice to the end of the last game, he just hung it all,” Cooper said. “He played very hard and very hard. Then combine it with all the work he did during the off-season to get ready for play.”

Cooper added that Aldrich ran the track last spring to improve his speed. He participated in the high jump to tackle his explosiveness. He also visited the weight room so often that when he entered the preseason in July, Aldrich added £ 20 to the frame, making it faster and more explosive. Seaney’s coach said it culminated in the year of his flag.

“Myres has probably changed from a freshman year to a senior year more than any other player I’ve ever taught. I’ve been teaching for a long time,” Cooper said. “He was a little short, a little overweight freshman and grew up from that junior high school body as a sophomore. Then he started to get muscular in the meantime, and he was due to how he worked. Just outlined his body. “

But the spiritual discipline was that Cooper stood out for him.

“He said,’I’ll do my best,’ but the players on the team realized he didn’t want to mess with Myres in the driving range because he was trying to do it,” Cooper said. Said. “If you get in the way of him, you can get injured there because it’s the way you think it is. He’s always been working hard.”

Aldrich said he felt he could be one of the best players of the year on the team’s scrim serious.

“In one of our scrim seriouss, I played a big game in offense and defense, so I was like,” Maybe I can help our team win. ” And after the first match (20-13 wins over Lima Central Catholic), they were praising me, so I said, “Maybe something happened to me.”

Aldrich added that his strength is finding football and getting off the block.

“I try to pay from sideline to sideline, and whenever I can look at the ball I’m going to,” Aldrich said.

Opponents found themselves paving the way during the regular season as Aldrich was the driving force behind Seaney’s defense and helped the Indians win the first playoffs in school history as they entered the winning season. The Indians were ranked third overall in the WBL in team-wide defense, producing an average of 234.6 yards of games.

In six of the seven victories, the Indians kept their opponents in the single digits.

“First of all, we couldn’t play the type of scheme we play without someone in the middle who could do more than one thing,” Cooper said. “He had to stop by to help us play covering some zones. He had to be able to pick up a guy from the backfield. He was a blitz. And had to be able to put a lot of pressure on it, and at other times he just had to sit there and read. We were outnumbered in the box. Even so, he had to be the guy who found the ball and tackled it, and I think he did all those things really well. “

Aldrich said he was loyal to his true nature and acknowledged his coaches and teammates for this year’s success.

“I have to admit that defensive coordinator Mike Lewis trusted me. Defensive lineman Shannon Swell, Carter Fay and Johnny Norris are really open to tackling. I have to admit that he gave me. “

Aldrich, who set an example, said he wanted to influence his teammates by performing in the field.

Insane was the word Aldrich used to describe the season. He even pointed out that he didn’t think this could play well, and it was even impressive to him.

“I want to take my talent to the next level,” said Aldrich, who wants to play at Division III level. “My eyes are still really open, and I’m talking to some coaches.”

Although he is recognized for his talent in the field, Aldrich states that he is dedicated to victory and that his individual achievements and praise are all behind him.

“Winning praise isn’t big enough to win the first playoff game,” Aldrich said. “I’m a more victorious guy. I don’t care how influential I am as long as I win the game. It’s great to win those praises, but I do them all for others. I acknowledged it as an achievement. ”

Seany’s Miles Aldrich is working on Wapaconeta’s braidinglet here, devoting this season to his father, and this year wearing his father’s birthday on his helmet.

Seaney linebacker Aldrich was motivated in 2021

2021 Lima News Dream Team Defensive Player of Year: Seaney linebacker Aldrich dedicates season to his father

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