2021 Lima News Dream Team: Wapakoneta’s Grett Shows Confidence and Diversity

Wapaconeta – Wapaconeta coach Travis Moyer describes Braden Grett’s value for this season’s redskin as “I can’t beat WBL without him.”

Redskin’s signal sender, who also played a defensive back, was the leader in the attack where Wapaconeta contributed to the league title share and playoff berth 9-2 of the year.

Grett rushed 1,098 yards with 16 touchdowns during the regular season, passed 6 touchdowns and 862 yards, becoming an attacking player for this year’s Western Backeye League joint attack and the 2021 Lima News Dream Team. It was chosen.

After a season of injuries in 2020, Grett is ready to become a Redskins quarterback this year and was behind him last year.

“My approach this year was to practice as hard as I could, listen to my coach, get excited about the season and win some games,” Grett said. “I was a leader and needed to guide everyone in the right direction.”

Moyer said he knew that Grett would be a big part of Redskin’s attack as the season began.

“I had a glimpse of it last year, but I got back injured last year,” Moyer said. “He was a double-threatening quarterback and we knew he had the ability to run and throw the ball. He took that step in his pocket. It was comfortable. As the season progressed, I became more confident and knew when to step into my pocket and when to drop the ball and take off. “

Mr. Grett described himself as an example and leader, saying he wasn’t a very speaker, but spoke out when needed.

Moyer added that Grett’s diversity wasn’t a problem at all, and he had played receivers and tailbacks in attacks, which was a matter of gaining experience.

“He’s a special kid,” Moyer said. “He used the ball to make really great choices and decisions and was a really special player for us.”

Moyer added that Grett is a player who has continued to grow throughout the season.

“He was our leader and the young men respected him. Everyone knew that Braden had to play for us, but he also had his Those guys around know how important the former and the outsiders were, especially Jace Malen was a great complement to this year’s backfield, “Moyer said. “In the end, I think everything went well in terms of improving the attacking side of the ball.

“We had a good year on the attack, and it was a concern the previous year, but he is a really special player and deserves this award. He is among the ones I coached. One of the toughest players and in terms of the toughness he offered in that position. “

Grett added that he continued to grow as a quarterback earlier this year as he was behind the center last season. The Redskins started after losing to Marion Local and bounced off by defeating St. Mary’s in overtime. From there, the team just lost a shotout with Van Wert to 7-1.

Moyer points out that the defeats of these two regular seasons continued into the playoff team and the regional semi-finals.

Grett said preparation was the key to victory.

“We had a great game plan every week,” Goulet said of the success of the season. “Every week we went to the game knowing what was happening, and it took us a step forward in what was happening.

“We watched a lot of movies, watched the games one after another, and practiced as if we were ready to play and play the team.”

One of Grett’s highlights was the team that won the WBL title after last year’s tough season.

“The league victory was great,” Grett said. “That was our first goal, and we knew we did it, we were going to playoffs. It gave us the advantage of going into the playoffs.”

Grett may have been the driving force, but modest seniors said that no post-season praise would be possible without help.

“All the achievements of my team and coaches,” Grett said. “My teammates were great and the coaches guided me every day and wanted me to get better. I can’t thank all my teammates and coaches enough.”

Wapaconeta’s Bradinglet (10), who played against St. Mary’s here, was an effective runner and passer for the Redskins this season.

2021 Lima News Dream Team: Wapakoneta’s Grett Shows Confidence and Diversity

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