2021 Prospect Primer: DL Chris Chambermore

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vermore is steadily associated with the Buccaneers and helps to enhance internal defensive line rotation.Carmen Vitali

given names: Chris Chamber More

position: Defensive harness

school: Alabama

height: 6-5

weight: 310

NFL Grade: 6.70 (1st year quality starter)

statistics: Following his second season at Crimson Tide in 2020, Bermore won the first team’s All-America selection from CBS Sports and the second team’s selection from several other outlets. As an interior lineman, he recorded 37 tackles a year and the team’s best 8.0 sack, adding 9.5 tackles for losses. Vermore also played with the ball last year, splitting three passes and forcing three fumbles.

Vermore was a four-star prospect from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And one of the country’s top defensive lines outlook before committing to Alabama. Before seeing the action in 2019, he first played in all 12 games as a rotation player, got off to a single start and changed into a red shirt for the first year. In 2020, he launched all of Tide’s games and was named the most valuable defensive player in the title game with The Ohio State University. He lost 2.0 tackles in one bag against Buckeyes, scoring a total of 5 tackles, making the season the best.

comment: NFL draft analyst Lance Zarrain’s list of Bermore’s strengths is more than double his list of weaknesses, and for good reason. Vermore changed his freshman year in Alabama to a red shirt and got stuck behind a deep defensive line, but from 2019 he took full advantage of his chances. By the end of the 2020 season, it was in full bloom and Bama proved that there was a man behind him. Probably the largest recruitment school in the country.

According to the NFL.com, Bermore is a first-year starter and is believed to have an immediate impact on any team that can catch him.

“Attack-oriented defensive tackle with a big body, violent hands, and the talent to avoid blocks and find football,” writes Zierlein. “Bermore tends to take control and control the majority of personnel. His hands and feet sing in harmony, remain active and free from attempts to maintain blocks. The hands are heavy and powerful, but sudden and efficient, creating an opportunity for his early win as a run game or pass rusher. Bermore makes Runfit freestyle and posts in read and reaction mode. Sometimes giving an early position can be his own worst enemy. He is extraordinary. Find the edge of the blocker and swipe his outer hand to put Luckus in his pocket. He has a similar size and skill set, but at the time of the attack, it doesn’t feel as long as the defensive harness of Alabama in the past. Provermore’s explosive first step, violent hands and upper body. Power is an element of a versatile three-down defender for playing many positions on even or odd fronts as a high-impact rookie starter. “

The Buccaneers could probably return all the defensive starters and maintain some of the rotation players with defensive lines like Laquim Nunez Roche, but that part of the defense is greatly helped by the fresh feet. How aggressive your defense is depends on how effective your line of defense rotation is. So even if most people have returned since last season, having another man in the middle next to Beata Bear or Endam Kansoo will create opportunities, especially for others. In defense. Buccane’s defenses are known for their aggressive attack styles, and from all the attributes that Zierlein gave Barmore on NFL.com, Barmore seems to fit perfectly. Now the question is whether he can play in number 32.

2021 Prospect Primer: DL Chris Chambermore

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