2021 Toy Hall of Fame Finalist

Three will be introduced in November. Fans are invited to participate as part of the “Player’s Choice” poll ending September 22nd.

Rochester, NY — Cabbage Patch Kids is a rosy cheek doll that neatly picked store shelves during the first big holiday toy epidemic and is part of a group of finalists announced Wednesday. Appears in the Hall of Fame. Various sand and toy fire engines in the garden.

In addition, there are five competition games that are being considered for introduction in November: Battleship, Risk, Catan Pioneer, Mahjong, Billiards, Pinata, American Girl Doll, Masters of the Universe, and Fisher-Price Corn Popper. ..

The 2021 finalists were selected from the thousands of nominations received each year by the National Toy Hall of Fame. Anyone can appoint a panel of toys and experts, and with the opinions of the general public, vote for three to join. The 74 previous winners ran the full range from the simplest cardboard boxes and stuck to the groundbreaking Atari 2600 gaming system and the world-renowned checkers, crayons and marbles.

For toys to be introduced, they need to withstand time and memory tests, change play and toy design, and promote learning, creativity, and discovery.

Christopher Bensch, vice president of collections at the Hall in the Strong National Theater Museum in Rochester, NY, said all 2021 finalists “had a huge impact on the world of theater.”

“These twelve toys represent a wide range of toys, from one of the most universal toys in the world like sand, to board games that change games like risk, to popular adult billiard games.” Says Bensh.

Fans are invited to vote for favorites as part of “Player’s Choice” ballot September 22nd will end.

The three toys that received the most votes were submitted as one ballot and counted along with the other top three ballots 22 submitted by the National Selection Advisory Board, effectively one of the committee’s. Become a member of a person.

Winners will take office on November 4th.

About this year’s candidates:

–American Girl Dolls: Created by educator and newscaster Pleasant Rowland in 1986, each doll comes with a story that reflects the era of American history.

-Battleship: Milton Bradley’s 1967 plastic adaptation, originally playing with paper and pencil, popularized a two-player strategy game. It was one of the first computerized board games in 1979.

-Billiards: Commonly known as pools in the United States, this game evolved from early European outdoor games and gained popularity in the 1800s.

-Cabbage patch kids: Each unique doll was released in 1979. Complete with adoption documents, these dolls were a must-have in 1983 and paved the way for Tickle Me Elmo, Beanie Babies and Furby.

-Fisher-Price Corn Popper: Launched in 1957, the push toy was captivated by bright flying balls and popping sounds that made toddlers walk.

-Mahjong: Gambling card games that originated in China became popular in the United States in the 1920s.

–Masters of the Universe: He-Man, She-Ra, and other action figures used comics and television by Mattel from 1983 to 1985, including the cartoon series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. It became popular by doing it.

–Piñata: Treat-filled paper mache objects, commonly associated with Mexican culture, can be traced back to China in the early 13th century.

-Risk: The first strategic board game released in the United States in 1959 requires players to control the army and conquer the world.

-Sand: According to the National Toy Hall of Fame, this substance is probably the most universal and oldest toy in the world.

-Catan Pioneers: The cooperative board game now called “Catan” was first released in Germany. Players representing the pioneers use the resources earned through trade and dice to establish settlements on the island.

-Toy fire trucks: Materials, designs and technologies have evolved, but they remain attractive.

2021 Toy Hall of Fame Finalist

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