4 Signs Your Back Pain Might Be An Emergency 

Various reasons could affect the condition of your back. Your pre-existing health problems, lifestyle, or genetics may cause back pain. In some cases, it’s not an alarming illness that requires extensive treatment. However, if you start to observe unusual changes to it, you may need to consult a doctor. 

Here are four indicators to watch out for that may signal your back condition is an emergency. 

One of the most noticeable signs that may indicate you have severe back problems is pain. In some instances, feeling discomfort on your torso is normal, especially if you strain your back often. For instance, sitting or standing for hours may make your back sore due to the lack of movement. Fortunately, you can recover from this back problem by taking pain medication or resting.  

However, if your back pain is too unbearable or starts to manifest more often, a more severe condition may be behind it. Some spinal or back disorders usually begin as pain, numbness, or stiffness on your back. And if you ignore it or prolong visiting a doctor, you may compromise your health or sustain long-term problems.  

You can learn more information about various back illnesses to check whether you have other symptoms. Additionally, it would help to evaluate your current lifestyle and habits to determine whether your pain is normal. If you think you need medical attention, you should see a doctor immediately.  

Some people often attribute their back pain to tired muscles or a stiff spine. For example, it’s not unusual for people who lift heavy weights to experience a sore back after an intense workout. If other symptoms don’t accompany it, it may not be a severe condition. However, experiencing back pain with other problems may signal an underlying health emergency.  

For example, if you’ve been having trouble going to the bathroom for no reason, you may need to visit a hospital for a consultation. Back pain, along with bladder or bowel complications, may be due to a compressed nerve on your back. These symptoms may be an indication of cauda equina syndrome, a rare disorder where something squeezes your spinal nerve roots. And if you don’t receive surgery to fix the compressed nerve roots right away, you might experience leg paralysis or incontinence.  

Inability to control your bladder may also be caused by an infection in your spine like meningitis. It’s commonly caused by a viral infection that affects your brain and spinal cord. Failure to address this condition may lead to long-term complications. Hence, you must pay attention to your body and seek help as soon as you notice a problem.  

A sudden impact on your lower back from an accident, like slipping on a wet floor or lifting something heavy with poor form, may cause a minor injury. If you strain a muscle or ligament, you may feel discomfort in your back. Sometimes, your pain will subside after a few days and won’t have any long-lasting effects. 

However, if your recent accident seems more severe or your pain has persisted for quite some time, you may need medical attention. Trauma on your back may be due to bone or tissue misalignment on your spine. For instance, you may develop a slipped disc if the tissue between your bones slips out and pushes on your nerves. Other health complications like spondylolisthesis may also be a result of an accident that affects your spine.  

So, it’s essential to address these health complications with the aid of an expert to ensure you receive the proper treatment. You may need medication to manage the pain or even surgery to correct the misalignment of your spine.  

Like other parts of your body, your back isn’t immune to various health complications. And if you’re experiencing pain after a history of more severe back or spinal problems, it may be time to consult a doctor.  

Young woman with back ache, she is sitting on the bed and touching her back

For instance, if you had a tumor removed from your spine, it may be ideal to get a checkup to see whether you’re relapsing. Addressing your pain immediately will help prevent your condition from worsening. Furthermore, you’ll be able to get the right treatment if your doctor diagnoses the source of your pain early.  

Overall, it’s wise to be cautious about pain in your body, especially if you have a history of back or spinal problems. 

Tips To Prevent Back Pain  

If you wish to keep your back muscles strong and prevent back pain, you can do the following:  

Final Thoughts  

Various factors can affect your body’s condition. Your lifestyle or pre-existing health problems may influence how you feel and contribute to your overall health. And if you’re not careful, ignoring some signs may lead to more severe complications in the long run.  

For instance, if you’ve been having back problems for a while, it’ll be a good idea to re-evaluate your body’s condition. You should seek medical aid to determine the cause of your illness to receive treatment before it gets worse. Overall, it’s vital to watch out for signs that may indicate your back pain is an emergency, so you can see a doctor as soon as possible.  


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