5 Cities to Visit in Florida

With cold weather coming our way, you may be planning to take some time away from the cooler temperatures and enjoy the sunny days elsewhere. A great destination for winter birds is Florida. Why? While Florida does see a wet season with a lot of rain, it also has warm weather throughout the year. So, if you dislike the snow and want to enjoy a comfortable climate, check out these top cities to visit in Florida:


If it’s all about fun and enjoying amusement parks with family and friends, Orlando is the place to visit. Full of fabulous parks and a lot of fun to be had, it’s the ideal place to visit if that’s your jam. With a couple of airports near Orlando, it’s easy to get a flight to Orlando from around the country. And, while it isn’t near the ocean, you’ll be so entertained that you won’t even miss the beach.

Whether you want to visit Universal Orlando or check out Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Orlando won’t disappoint. Not only that, but there are plenty of places to go to when you want to see local wildlife that is primarily found in this area of the U.S.


Now, if you want to visit the beach, there are many reasons why Miami should be your primary destination. It’s a great place to go for everything from tasty food to nightlife, but also boasts a region full of beautiful beaches and fun, from dining in Fort Lauderdale to fishing in Key West. A haven for those who love the good life and great eats, this is a Florida city you may want to escape to.


Not as well-known as some other Florida counterparts, Destin is a gem for those who want a relaxed environment where they can find a calm place to hang out and enjoy the beachside living while also being able to appreciate quality weather away from the cold environment of the north. Well-known for great seafood, as well as deep-sea fishing, it’s a beautiful place to visit.

St. Augustine

If you love bicycles and you love the ocean, St. Augustine really is a beautiful place to visit for a tranquil vacation experience. A popular spot for those who want to get away from the cold winters of the north while enjoying a tranquil location, St. Augustine may not be as popular as Miami, but it’s definitely still worth visiting.

With lovely architecture, gorgeous places to sail, and history to discover, there are many reasons to choose St. Augustine as your Florida vacation getaway. Get a vacation rental in St. Augustine and enjoy the laid back life that can only be had in Florida during the colder months.


Tampa is a unique location that offers white sand beaches and great outdoor dining experiences, largely thanks to the fact that while the north is covered in snow in some places and dealing with cold temperatures, the city is still relatively warm.

ou can enjoy water sports or simply tan on the beach, practice some deep-sea fishing on the best Tampa deep sea fishing charters or go out sailing. The options are endless in this west-central Florida hub for every kind of preference.

In Conclusion

There are many reasons to visit Florida during the winter and, with miles and miles of shoreline throughout the state, if beaches are your idea of a good time, you’ll be able to find them almost anywhere you look. From great amusement parks to fun nightlife, each one of the cities on this list offers a reason that makes it a welcoming place for anyone visiting from afar.


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