5 Most Effective Exercise Machines For Burning Calories

When it comes to burning calories, we tend to think of cardio exercises as extensive workouts, which result in gallons of sweat and reduced calories.

The machines you most commonly see in gyms for cardio workouts are usually the most effective to burn calories. Not only that, but they have add-on benefits such as strengthening core and heart muscles. However, some machines are more effective than others for calorie burning.

To save you from the hassle of looking for the best ones, we’ve rounded up five of the most effective exercise machines for burning calories, producing better results, improved endurance, and other added benefits.


Walking, sprinting, and running are forms of cardio exercise that can quickly burn calories. Our body can only endure so much, but doing cardio exercises using machines can deliver better results through focusing on burning calories. In addition, using exercise machines can extend your endurance level in which your body adapts to the strength and speed through a routine.

Using machines for exercise offers a quicker, consistent, and more efficient routine. Moreover, treadmills are a better calorie burner than any other aerobic exercise. You can track your progress and distance when you use the treadmill and adjust what needs to be done for you to burn more calories or lose weight.

 The treadmill has intensity levels you can alter depending on how many calories you want to burn. You can intensify your workout by adjusting its incline during your routine.

Aside from burning calories, the benefits that you’ll get from using a treadmill include improved heart health and muscle tone. It improves heart health since it is a cardiovascular exercise. Moreover, it monitors and enhances one’s heart rate. Running on a treadmill increases your heart rate to a healthy level, allowing your heart to pump more and deliver blood and oxygens to your muscle cells.

Like any other exercise, it also improves overall muscle performance since cardio exercises are considered a full-body workout. It engages different muscles in your body and enhances core strength, such as maintaining proper posture.

Rowing Machine

Trainers love to use rowing machines because they mimic movements or exert the same energy as rowing a boat. It emphasizes an all-around body workout and is also a cardio machine that utilizes strength from your legs, arms, and core by the grip and pull movements.

Compared to other exercise machines that need extensive speed to achieve better results, rowing machines are all about exerting effort in tugging and a consistent stroke or a timed interval.

Incorporating the proper movements and correct intervals can ensure the maximum benefits the machine can offer you. It engages the entire body and muscles to move around, which is ideal for fat burning.

 Moreover, exercising at a higher intensity can boost the heart rate. Most treadmills have a feature where you can monitor your heart rate progress to know if you reached your limit. Pushing past limits can be dangerous, especially if you don’t have a trainer to guide you.

It would be best to calculate the calories you need to burn before using a rowing machine, depending on the preferred power and body size. Keep in mind that you have to consider such factors when using one.

 Rowing machines, together with a balanced and nutritious diet, can help burn fat. Not only that, cutting your calories and focusing on cardio and resistance training can provide better results for your fitness goals.


Being actively involved in fitness and endurance training can make an impact on both mental and physical aspects. Hence, the Elliptical machine is another vigorous cardio machine that you can use to burn unwanted calories effectively.

 Elliptical machines are similar to the treadmill, where it increases heart rate and improves your overall cardiovascular health and performance. It helps condition your body through stable oxygen flow and better blood circulation. You can also adjust the stride length for different motion types, improving balance and mobility. It tones your body and enhances coordination and agility.   

Elliptical machines are less strenuous to your joints. There is an equal distribution of movement and resistance with elliptical machines because you move your arms relative to your legs’ movements. You can adjust the length of your stride and the resistance to fit your program or workout preferences.

Moreover, you can do high-intensity and low-intensity workouts in one machine with minimal joint impact. It is a total body workout that includes your upper body and distributes weight simultaneously to your back, arms, shoulders, and core and lower body.

If you want to challenge yourself and know your limit, try to level it up a little more by taking on complicated routines, increasing the resistance, and pushing some speed or bursting your pace. However, it’s important to consult your trainer or doctor before doing so.

To Wrap It All Up

Most cardio machines primarily serve as a calorie-burning exercise for losing weight, gaining strength, improving endurance, and enhancing heart health. With a balanced diet, using machines to intensify your workouts and burn more calories can benefit your fitness plan. 

There are many alternative workouts to lose weight and burn excess calories, but the machines mentioned above can effectively help you with your goals.



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