7 Tips For Parents Sending Child Off To College

When your child is leaving for college, you can feel a ton of overwhelming emotions, all at the same time. You’re scared, excited, worried, and proud. Still, you need to remember that your young student is feeling the same, and needs your help to get through this transition smoothly.

We’ve prepared a list of 7 tips for parents sending their child off to college, to help you do all the right things. Let’s break it down.

1.      Give Them Space

The emotional aspect of sending your child off to college is the hardest one- both for you and for them. But, this is their moment so make sure you’re giving them enough space to process their emotions.

That means you shouldn’t:

You should let them know this is a challenging period for you too, and they’ll be missed around the house. But, don’t take it any further.

2.      Help Them Prepare

Be involved in the process of shopping, packing, and preparing for the departure. Show your child you’re here for them and they don’t have to go through any of it on their own.

Also, only be as involved as they want you to be.

3.      Learn About College Health Services

You need to make sure your child will be safe during their time in college. Do some research and find out where they can look for help in case they experience:

Share your insight with your child and encourage them to always ask for help, without hesitation.

4.      Encourage Study Preparation

You want your child to be well prepared when the academic year begins. They’ll have so much to deal with- from studying and meeting new people, to settling down in their new home.

So, help them prepare for their academic tasks so that they manage to accomplish all their goals. Together, you can:

Whether it’s exploring college study groups or reading essay writing reviews of academic writing services, help your child prepare. This will mean the world to them once the classes and exams kick in. They’ll be more confident, organized, and productive.

5.      Schedule Calls

Give each other the promise that you’ll regularly keep in touch through daily check-ins, calls, and messages. Also, agree on calling each other via video call at least once a week, to truly catch up and spend some quality time together.

6.      Welcome Them Back

When your child is off to college, they might feel a bit disconnected from the rest of the family. Remind them that:

Invite them to come back whenever, to rest, study at home, or spend some quality time with you.

7.      Take Care of Yourself

Even though it’s your child who’s going through a major life change, this can seriously affect you as well. If you’re feeling stressed, depressed, or lost, don’t ignore it.

Instead, take care of yourself.

You can talk to friends and family, or even a professional. Just make sure you:

If you’re not feeling great, you won’t be able to support your child. So, take care of yourself and work on feeling better.

Final Thoughts

You and your child need to be a team in this new period of life. Going away for college is an amazing life event, so be there for them every step of the way.

Use our 7 simple but effective tips to send your child off to college with enthusiasm and stress-free.

Author’s Bio

Melony Hart is a blogger and a student counselor. She writes to help students, parents, and educators overcome the challenges of student life. She focuses on sharing actionable and practical tips.

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