911 callers saw Laundry slap Petit in Utah

Police said the case, above all, looked like an emotional break or anxiety attack.

Moab, Utah — Editor’s Note: The video above is from September 17th.

The new voice from the August 911 call is more ominous of the domestic conflict reported when Gabby Petite, 22, and fiancé Brian Laundry, 23, traveled across the country. The side is revealed.

On August 12, police handed over Petito and Laundrie after receiving reports of possible domestic violence.

Authorities have determined that the case is a mental health crisis. They said witnesses had told police they had seen the two quarreling over the phone.

Laundry told officers that Petit encouraged him to take a walk and calm down. But she apparently didn’t want to leave him or be left without a moab.

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So police say she went to slap him. Police decided that the laundromat pushed her away to avoid slaps. However, according to a body camera video statement, she seems to have scratched his face lightly.

Police said there was no evidence that Laundry had hit Petit. However, 911 Cole draws a different picture.

Callers said they had witnessed a laundromat slap Petit in a van. He added that the couple got out of the car and “ran up and down the sidewalk” before Laundrie attacked Petito.

Police said they stopped the van after seeing it reach 45 mph in the 15 mph zone near Arches National Park. According to law enforcement agencies, the van was out of the lane and hit a curb while stopped near the entrance to the park.

Body camera video When the chief officer stood up, he showed that Petite was crying. Neither Petito nor Laundrie were seriously injured. No charges were pushed. Police said the case, above all, looked like an emotional break or anxiety attack.

A few weeks after the incident, Petit’s family reported that she was missing. Laundry returned to North Port, Florida without her and refused to speak to law enforcement agencies.

On Sunday, authorities announced that the bodies found in the Bridger-Titon National Forest section of Wyoming match Petit’s description. A complete forensic test is required to verify your identity. An autopsy will take place on Tuesday.

Laundry Considered to be an interested person In some cases, his whereabouts are unknown.

Read the full transcript of the 911 call below.

Coordinator: “Grand County Sheriff’s Office?”

Caller: “Hello, can you hear me?”

Coordinator: “Yes, I can hear you.”

Caller: “Hello, uh, I’m calling. I’m on the corner of the main street near Moonflower and I’m driving by. I’d like to report on a domestic conflict. Florida – with a white van – Florida license plate, white van, gentleman about 5-6 … “

Coordinator: “Where are you?”

Caller: “They just ran away. They went down the main street. They turned right from Moonflower to the main street … Cooperative.”

Coordinator: “And what were they doing?”

Caller: “What did you say?”

Coordinator: “What were they doing?”

Caller: “We passed by, and the gentleman was slapping the girl.”

Coordinator: “Did he slap her?”

Caller: “Yes, then stopped. He ran up and down the sidewalk. He started hitting her, jumped into the car, and they ran away.”

Coordinator: “Okay. Did you say it’s a white van?”

Caller: “White van. I’ll give you a license plate in a second. I took a picture.”

Coordinator: “Well, what kind of white van? Like a big one?”

Caller: “Hmm, it was a small van with the Florida license plate QFTGO3 license plate. It was white. It was a manufacturer and a Ford model with transit. A black ladder on the passenger side. “

Coordinator: “Black ladder, passenger side?”

Caller: “White Ford Transit.”

Coordinator: “White Ford Transit … Well, what’s your name?”

Coordinator: “And where were they? So did they turn around and head south on Main Street from Moonflower Market?”

Caller: “Correct. They turned right.”

Coordinator: “Oh, so did they go north?”

Caller: “North, yes, I’m sorry, I’m not from around here.”

Coordinator: “Okay. Are you right next to the post office?”

Caller: “Directly across the street, yeah.”

Coordinator: “Okay. When you turned to the main street, did you go to the right or to the left?”

Coordinator: “Yes, they went north. North of the main. I understand. I’ll let someone know. Thank you.”

Caller: “Yes, don’t worry, thank you.”

911 callers saw Laundry slap Petit in Utah

Source link 911 callers saw Laundry slap Petit in Utah

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