A Florida dentist was arrested and accused of hiring a beaten man to kill his sister’s ex-husband, a prominent law professor.

Florida dentist arrested On Thursday, she was able to return from Tallahassee to the Fort Lauderdale area with her two children after murdering her sister’s ex-husband, a prominent law professor, on suspicion of hiring him eight years ago.

Charles Adelson, 45, was arrested at home by a US marshal and was detained without being detained in Broward County Jail for one murder, a murder plot, and a solicitation for murder. He is waiting for a transfer to Tallahassee. His lawyer said on Thursday he was innocent.

Aderson and other members of his family murdered Florida State University law professor Daniel Markel at his home in Tallahassee on July 18, 2014, as a long-time suspect from prosecutors and investigators. Has been quoted for a while. 41-year-old Marquel was married to Wendi Adelson. Wendy Adelson was unable to return to South Florida because he co-guarded her young children after her highly controversial divorce.

Wendy Adelson joked about her brother hiring Hitman as a gift for divorce, but told authorities that she decided to buy her TV, CBS Miami instead. report..

Wendy Adelson, the ex-wife of Florida law professor Dan Markel, who was shot dead in 2014, was asked about having some kind of bourbon behind the car on the day Markel was killed. Make a gesture to answer. ..

Alicia Devine / Tallahassee Democrat via AP, Pool

Leon County Attorney Jack Campbell said in a statement that technicians were able to emphasize the sound in an April 2016 video recording where Adelson was secretly talking to former girlfriend and employee Catherine Magbanua. He later stated that he had been charged by a grand jury. She was charged with organizing the murder six months later. Adelson was under her watch.

“This recording contains Charles Adelson’s remarks that are clearly audible for the first time,” Campbell said.

Magbanua will be retried for murder once next month after a jury trial serves as a jury in 2019.Prosecutor says she hired Sigfredo GarciaThe father of her two children committed a murder, and he was helped by his childhood friend Luis Rivera.

According to prosecutors, the two men drove from South Florida to Tallahassee to carry out the plan and stalked Markel, who dropped off the children for day care and stopped at the gym on the morning of the shooting. When Markel returned home, Garcia shot him while he was sitting in his car talking on his cell phone.

Garcia claimed that a deadly shot was fired by Rivera, CBS Miami reported..

Garcia has been sentenced to life imprisonment after being convicted of a murder once in 2019. Rivera has been sentenced to 19 years in prison after pleading guilty to two murders in exchange for testimony to Garcia and Magbanua.

This photo, provided by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, shows Charles Adelson.

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Adelson’s lawyer, David Marcus, said his client was innocent and linked his arrest to Magbanua’s retrial.

“The prosecutor doesn’t have the new information that led to this arrest. The timing certainly stinks? On the eve of (Magbanua)’s long-awaited trial, the move smells of despair,” Marcus said. Said. Statement by email.

Campbell did not identify which statement led to Adelson’s arrest, but in a 41-minute recording released Thursday afternoon, Adelson sits with Magbanua in a noisy Mexican restaurant. Hidden cameras recording them appear to be sitting on a bench across the aisle.

Adelson, wearing shorts and a T-shirt, first told Magbanua that “we would have already been to the airport” if the police knew something. He then told her that police just getting someone in the car or with someone else wasn’t enough to convict her. They and the prosecutor need to prove that the person was involved in the crime.

Then he told her that someone approached her mother and demanded money. He told Magbanua that the man knew more about her murder and mentioned her.

But when he wondered if the robber was a masked police officer trying to rattle his mother, he denied any involvement in the shooting-which he did repeatedly throughout the rest of the conversation.

“If you’re a policeman, I’m happy because there’s nothing to hide,” Adelson told Magbanua.

Then he told Magbanua that she needed to contact the robber and tell him that a one-time payment would be made, but if he or someone else demanded more money, Adelson Contact the police.

“While you’re talking, you just say,’I don’t know what’s going on,'” Adelson told her. “In the case of the police, they can’t receive money. They don’t even come to see you.”

He tells Magbanua that his mother can’t meet the robbers, as it only leads to further demands.

“If my parents were guilty, they might think they have really big fish on the line they’re going to pay them every month,” he said. He tried to calm Magbanua’s worries, saying, “Giving someone money is not guilty.”

A Florida dentist was arrested and accused of hiring a beaten man to kill his sister’s ex-husband, a prominent law professor.

Source link A Florida dentist was arrested and accused of hiring a beaten man to kill his sister’s ex-husband, a prominent law professor.

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