A “Home Alone” home on Airbnb for one night only

Have you ever wanted to sledding down the stairs like Kevin did in the movie? Well, here is your chance.

Chicago — Pack with an American Dental Association-approved toothbrush to prepare yourself for the experience of jumping in your parents’ bed at the age of eight.

The famous home of the classic Christmas movie “Home Alone” will be rented for one day later this month, allowing four guests to experience the movie’s favorite scenes in person.

“Buzz” itself Posted McAlester’s House In the suburbs of Chicago on Airbnb.

“You may not remember me being particularly kind,” Buzz said. Airbnb news release.. “But I’ve grown up. I hope I can share my family home and even pizza with you this holiday season. Don’t loosen my tarantula, Axl this time.”

Posts are part of everything Marketing campaign The latest “Home Sweet Home Alone” from the “Home Alone” series streamed on Disney +. It’s a marketing strategy, but it’s a real list of real homes from the original movie, with a completely immersive experience that fans will love.

One of the features of the house is “rich in booby traps” that you can set and enjoy. You don’t have to worry about wet bandits invading. For dinner, you can enjoy a nutritious microwave-cooked macaroni and cheese dinner or a lovely cheese pizza. , For you.

Airbnb has shared this complete list of experiences that guests can enjoy.

  • A cozy holiday scene with sparkling lights and perfectly trimmed trees celebrating the seasons.
  • There are plenty of booby traps (but don’t worry, you’ll set them up instead of avoiding them).
  • Surprisingly, the scorching splash of aftershave lotion and ample opportunity to shout into the mirror.
  • Whether it’s Chicago’s best pizzas or a microwave-cooked craft macaroni and cheese candlelight dinner, all 90’s favorites are what they want.
  • Encounter and greeting with a real tarantula.
  • Watch Home Sweet Home Alone, the latest holiday adventure in the movie franchise.
  • LEGO Ideas Home Alone can be taken home and built.

It is not a contest or a free gift. The chosen person will have to pay the accommodation fee, which is only $ 25 and taxes and fees.

Those interested in eating junk and seeing trash at McAlester’s home can request a stay from 1:00 pm CST on Tuesday, December 7th.

visit Posted on Airbnb website For more information.

A “Home Alone” home on Airbnb for one night only

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