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A major Republican election review went on in the Legislature Building as the Democrats called it a “chaban drama.”Nation & World

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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania — Republican, Pennsylvania, State Capitol Their proposed election overhaul law On Tuesday over the strong opposition of the Democratic Party, which it called an attack on the right to vote.

Same Partisan’s predicament marked voting issues in Harrisburg Even before the 2020 elections, members of the House State Government Committee took turns blaming and applauding. House building 1300 — Called the Voting Rights Protection Act — a 150-page comprehensive bill Tighter voter ID rules, postal ballot signature verification requirements, and dropbox restrictions..

The bill also includes a proposal for early face-to-face voting starting in 2025, approved in line with political party policy, and is now heading across the house floor for voting. It must also pass the state legislature and enter into force with the approval of Democratic Governor Tom Wolf. However, Wolff opposed the voter ID requirement and made it almost certain that he would reject the bill in its current form.

“Some people want to act like firefighters, just as we see them in the process of our democracy,” said Malcolm Kenyatta, a member of the state legislature (Philadelphia). The bill was called “the oppression of voters by craftsmen.”

Republicans say the bill is the result of 10 survey hearings Included testimony from experts, supporters, and county election authorities earlier this year identified issues with the state’s current election law. Massive overhaul of 2019 when the General Assembly launched vote-by-mail voting without excuses..

“The Voting Rights Protection Act is a comprehensive bill that addresses a number of issues revealed during the Commission’s extensive hearing,” said Sesgrove, a member of the Legislature, who chairs the Commission and authors the bill. ., York) states. He said the law balances access and security, “allowing all legitimate voters to vote and access,” while others “cannot manipulate the electoral system.” ..

Democrats of the Commission, who were not involved in drafting the bill, said it as a Republican ploy to perpetuate the false claims of former President Donald Trump and his conservative allies that spread before and after the 2020 elections. Was rejected.

“This bill is another step in the march to destroy democracy,” said minority chair Margo Davidson (D., Delaware). “As if the deadly bloody coup attempt on January 6 wasn’t enough, the losers of the 2020 national elections now want to legislate the riots.”

Davidson said the bill contained only policies chosen from hearings and accused Republicans of using hearings as a cover to move their ideas forward.

“House Building 1300 is a farce. The hearing was a farce. There were some good things that came out of the hearing, but among those good things, I went to House Building 1300 with none of them. I haven’t seen it, “she said. “That means the hearing was just an excuse for the Gerrymandering Republican majority to go ahead and do what they wanted to do anyway.”

Republicans alternate praise different parts of the bill, including a clause to create an election audit office and a clause to allow bipartisan teams to go to nursing homes to assist in absentee ballots and ballot mailing. did.

The bill contains two proposals specifically requested by the county election authorities. Process and count mail ballots a few days before the election day, And with mobile registration Deadline for applying for ballot..

Advances through the bill’s committee were largely guaranteed, as they were written by Globe and co-sponsored by most Republicans on the panel. House leadership has endorsed Globe throughout the process, and he said he hopes the bill will move quickly at a press conference on Monday.

Still, the future of the proposal is questioned.

Republicans need to navigate complex intra-party dynamics. Some of the most conservative members support much more restrictive policies, and some are calling for the total abolition of email voting.

Wolff said he rejected the bill to curb voting and was particularly opposed to tightening voter ID rules. His office called it an “extremist proposal” within hours of the bill’s introduction last week, and the Republicans said they “want to create a new barrier to voting and silence the Pennsylvanian voice.”

There is a way for Republicans to avoid wolves altogether: Constitutional amendment.

In a party vote on Tuesday, the Senate State Government Commission pushed for a constitutional amendment that requires a voter ID each time a person mails or votes directly. This process requires members of both chambers to pass the same proposal during two consecutive sessions. This means that the earliest voters will find that the question is 2023.

The Republican-controlled legislature enacted one of the country’s strictest photo ID requirements in 2012, but the court withdrew it before it came into effect. Currently, voters only need to show their ID the first time they vote in the constituency.

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A major Republican election review went on in the Legislature Building as the Democrats called it a “chaban drama.”Nation & World

Source link A major Republican election review went on in the Legislature Building as the Democrats called it a “chaban drama.”Nation & World

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