A mural of a silo along the Maumee River has been released

The goal is to complete the new “Glass City Riverwall” at the Solheim Cup in August of this year.

Toledo, Ohio — Editor’s Note: The attached video first aired on May 1, 2021.

Toledo first got a glimpse of what the new art installation along the Maumee River would look like on Tuesday.

A stretch of 28 grain storage silos owned by a company called ADM Soon it will be adorned with 160,000 square feet of muralsIt features sunflowers and blue swirls.

The mission of ADM is to feed the world. The goal is for Nicole Leboutillier, the operations manager of the art project, to be in perfect agreement with the installation themes of first farmer, Native American and economic development.

The theme was later developed Glass city river wall A team filled with community members of all backgrounds found a stone monument along the river to commemorate the area as a Native American fortress.

The artwork is drawn by Gabe Vault, a creator from California. He said he believed he could use his art to tell a powerful story to Grass City.

“I want to tell a colorful, bold, simple and easy-to-read story,” he said in a press release. “My purpose is to provide an origin story that honors the region’s original farmers and to inspire the future, a treasure trove of affluence and prosperity that tells ADM’s contribution to corporate governance and philanthropy. Is to provide. ”

Galt will fly to Toledo in June to work on the project.

The Glass City River Wall will be completed by the end of August at the Solheim Cup.

A mural of a silo along the Maumee River has been released

Source link A mural of a silo along the Maumee River has been released

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