A word of Elon Musk “advice” for Dogecoin cryptocurrency owners

Tesla CEO Elon Musk He has spoken quite a bit about his confidence in Dogecoin, a memecoin cryptocurrency that has skyrocketed in value earlier this year. Now, Mask gives some advice to Dogecoin owners. In response to Bill Lee, founding partner of West Coast Holdings and an investor in Musk’s company, Musk considers his property “own” until the wallet key is no longer the property of the user. I agreed with the fact that it shouldn’t be.Musk replied “exactly” in one word, replied “not your key, not your crypto” to Lee’s tweet, and the idea of ​​Dogecoin’s Metaverse Gateway, MyDogeWallet, is an exchange like Break the dependence on Binance When Robin hood..

“The central focus of the @MyDogeOfficial vision is to eliminate dependence on CEX such as Binance and Robin Hood and allow #shibes to manage their coins!” Username @MyDogeCTO Twitter users In response, Lee replied: , “It’s not your key, it’s not your code.” Musk strongly agreed with Lee, “That’s right.”

Musk didn’t elaborate on his claim, but Tesla’s CEO is a supporter of those who own his assets, rather than relying on exchanges like Binance and Robinhood. Another reason for this is that hackers are fleshy targets and are usually targeted at large exchanges.For example, Robin Hood Said earlier this month The server has been compromised by an unauthorized third party.

The mask is a vocal supporter of Dogecoin, a meme coin born from the Shiba Inu meme. Tesla’s CEO expects the value of Dogecoin to rise “towards the moon,” so Mask has repeatedly urged Dogecoin owners to hold the coin.

Recently, mask Being overwhelmed At Binance over cryptocurrency exchanges that limit the withdrawal of Dogecoin. “Hey @cz_binance, what’s happening to your Doge customers? Musk tweeted Tuesday. The November 10 Dogecoin network upgrade seems to have caused withdrawal issues, Binance said the next day. Said in.

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A word of Elon Musk “advice” for Dogecoin cryptocurrency owners

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