AAA Awards Safety Program at Ohio Elementary School

The school is currently one in ten in the United States and one in two in Ohio, and is awarded a grant from AAA for use in the program.

Perrysburg, Ohio-Toss Elementary School in Perrysburg has received a great deal of support to help maintain and grow the school’s safety program.

The program is 100% volunteer-based, with 3rd and 4th grade students taking a break from school days to ensure that their classmates can safely enter and leave school every day.

“There are a lot of kids biking and walking, and there are great 3rd and 4th graders to help make sure they are safely crossing the street and looking in both directions,” Toth said. The safety program states. Coordinator, Jason Koval.

Toth Elementary’s safety patrol program has been in operation for over a decade. The school is currently one of ten schools in the United States and one of two schools in Ohio, and will receive a $ 500 grant from AAA for use in the program.

“We take great pride in our school’s safety patrol program and believe it is important. Whether the school buys more equipment or provides more training to its students. Instead, you can use the check to enhance or improve your program, “says Kara Hitchens. , AAA Senior Specialist.


According to Koval, this year’s school has more than 40 safety patrol students, which is about twice what they are accustomed to. He states that grants will definitely help expand the program.

“Usually a lot of money is spent on vests, billboards, etc. in a year. If you have an electronic billboard or another billboard, I’m looking for a way to go far beyond that.” I don’t know what to do, “said Mr. Koval.

Both Hitchens and Koval say that students in the program are learning life and leadership skills by teaching their peers about road safety and traffic rules.

“We train those students to teach other students and just keep an eye out for them, especially younger children, to keep them safe when they go in and out of school.” Hitchens said.

“All these kids are leaders of the whole building and they respect them. To put on their safety patrol vest, they say it’s like a superhero outfit. I think they just love and want the same things and skills that kids have, “Koval said.

Before deciding where the money would be spent, he said the children would be asked to give their thoughts on what they think the program needs.

AAA Awards Safety Program at Ohio Elementary School

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