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Activists are looking to the future of the oil pipeline after the cancellation of Keystone XL | Nation & World

(Center Square)-After the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline hit the oil industry, energy hiring activists warned of rising costs and advertised the benefits of transporting oil through the pipeline. I’m boosting with.

TC Energy Corporation announced on Wednesday that it will cancel the Keystone XL pipeline within five months of President Joe Biden’s revocation of important pipeline permits. The cancellation ends more than 12 years of fighting by activists on both sides over the oil pipeline. The pipeline begins in Alberta, Canada and ends in Nebraska.

In a statement, François Poirier, President and CEO of TC Energy Corporation, expressed disappointment at announcing the cancellation of the project.

“We appreciate the strong relationships we have built through the development of this project and the experience we have gained,” Poirier said. “We continue to thank the many organizations that would have supported and shared the benefits of the project.”

According to the AAA, the announcement begins with gas prices rising by more than $ 1 across the country over the past year.

Shortly after the announcement, several Democratic politicians celebrated the decision. Democrat Nanette Barragán called it “a great victory for everyone who fights for a stable climate and clean water.”

Republicans have expressed disappointment with the cancellation of the pipeline project.

When anti-pipeline activists celebrated the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline as a long-standing demonstration and organizational victory over the project, parent pipeline activists saw the cancellation as a frustrating end to the long battle.

Daniel Turner, founder and executive director of Power The Future, a group of energy workers activists, said the cancellation of the Keystone XL project was a costly consequence for workers and consumers.

“The losers are clearly Americans … because they effectively made energy more expensive,” Turner said. “The losers are the thousands of workers I met and interviewed, introduced on our website, but have no jobs.”

Critics also say that the defeat of the Keystone pipeline could have a negative impact on other pipelines in the United States, which could lead to further increases in consumer energy costs. This is because the Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report on Thursday showing that consumer prices will rise by 5% each year.

“This is an industry that now has really technical and really professional skills, and now they … have worthless skill sets,” Turner said. “It’s scary to think that this Joe Biden administration,” Scranton Joe “and” Blue Collar Joe “will punish such workers, American workers for pure political ideology. is. “

Another issue that activists point out regarding the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline is the vulnerability of these permits to these projects. Shortly after taking office in 2017, former President Donald Trump approved a permit to build a pipeline. Biden was scheduled to revoke the executive order on the first day of his inauguration earlier this year.

“Any American should be scared that one president has the power to shut down the industry because he doesn’t like his predecessor,” Turner said. “In the worst case, it’s a government overkill.”

At the end of the Keystone XL pipeline battle, activists will continue to fight to uncover corruption and other energy decisions in the Green Initiative.

“We talk about’big oil’. When talking about “big greens,” many people will be very rich with this transition to green technology. It’s not an American, not an American worker, but Biden’s ties to shareholders and Wall Street friends, “Turner said. “To shed light on it, make them accountable, and publicly embarrass them, that’s what we do for the foreseeable future.”

Activists are looking to the future of the oil pipeline after the cancellation of Keystone XL | Nation & World

Source link Activists are looking to the future of the oil pipeline after the cancellation of Keystone XL | Nation & World

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