Adopt stockings: If your neck breaks, your bills will pile up

Lima — At this time, Sierra and her fiancé had to thank JJ, the couple’s sweet 12-year-old daughter, family health, a successful career, and the Merry Christmas promise.

Sierra’s fiancé tried to save his family from the jam, a tragic car accident that claimed the lives of his aunt and cousin, leaving the survivor’s regret and a broken neck requiring two surgeries. It ended with.

“The biggest thing I’ve learned from all this, and what I want everyone to remember, is not to take things for granted,” Sierra said. “You can have anything in the world you want, you can think that nothing will happen to you, and in the next blink of your eyes it can all be taken that fast.”

The effects of the accident are still felt by the family. Sierra’s fiancée is still absent from work, even though he suffers from what is commonly known as a “hanging executioner’s fracture.” This is, in its simplest form, a bilateral rupture of the C2 vertebra that protects the spinal cord. Often, these injuries cause paralysis.

Doctors initially tried surgical options that are the least invasive and offer the fastest recovery time by performing a repair from the front of the neck. The problem of entering from the front was usually less effective and required a second surgery for Sierra’s fiancée. Since this is done from behind, the recovery time is delayed, and Sierra, who is a certified nursing assistant with him, helped recover from home.

All the while, it was a financial burden for the family. The family relied on modest cost-cutting efforts and the savings they had accumulated over the years. With all his savings exhausted and his fiancé getting better day by day, Cierra was finally able to get back to work and keep his invoices from reaching collections and late fees.

“We were lucky because when I went to work we saved salaries and lost everything without us,” she said. “Now I’m back at work and all these bills are coming in, so it’s very difficult to keep us on the water, especially when Christmas is imminent.”

They saved money and rubbed with a little help from family and friends, but one of the things Cierra can’t offer to JJ is Christmas for her. JJ isn’t focusing on her list for the big guys in the red. She has focused on helping the injured father return to good health and helping the mother around the house as much as possible.

“JJ is our blessing,” Cierra said. “She does home remedies and is very helpful in helping him learn to walk again. She once complained to us about her life and how it was affected. No. She spends all her energy and time doing well at school and asking me if I need cooking help or if I need help. Is just a wonderful kid and we are grateful for welcoming her. “

Sierra and her family may be doing the basics of keeping the water flowing, letting the gas flow, turning on the lights, turning on the lights, rehabilitating the equipment, etc., but JJ is sure to give the gift. I am grateful to the people in the community who want to help me unpack it.

They enjoyed bowling, skating, and family game nights before life happened and Sierra and her fiancé messed up what they were building for JJ and their future family. JJ is a balanced young woman who shares an equal love for basketball, art and reading and is willing to receive gifts related to those interests.

According to Sierra, JJ specifically wants only roller skates. She wears size 11 for women or size 9 for men. She wears a large kid’s top and fits in 16 kid-sized pants. As far as styling and brands are concerned, she tends to prefer her outfits from the shelves in the more girly and pretty parts of the store.

Adopt stockings: If your neck breaks, your bills will pile up

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