Aftermath of a storm: what to do in the event of a power outage

After a violent storm that caused thousands of power outages, AAA experts provide tips on how to deal with power outages and home and car damage.

If the power is off and you have both AAA and AES Ohio (formerly Dayton Power & Light) generators, it is advisable to ensure adequate ventilation. AAA states that the generator will not operate in a closed structure, and AES Ohio recommends that there be sufficient distance between the generator and your home or company. Without proper ventilation, carbon monoxide poisoning can kill you, according to AES Ohio. AAA also warns that anyone who uses candles for light should be careful of direct fire.

AAA recommends that you do not open the freezer or refrigerator doors to prevent food spoilage. If the meat melts, cook it on the outdoor grill to prevent it from rotting. Do not refreeze. If the power is off for a long time, AAA recommends eating rotten foods first.

If a tree falls on your house or car, the removal or repair of the tree due to damage may be covered by insurance. If a branch or tree damages the vehicle, you must make a claim using the comprehensive coverage of the vehicle policy. According to AAA, vehicle damage from strong winds and fallen trees is covered by a comprehensive part of the car insurance options.

If a tree in your yard falls into your neighbor’s house, your neighbor’s homeowner’s policy will provide insurance coverage. The same is true if a neighbor’s tree falls into your home.

Several sections of the Brookfield Cemetery in Tascalawas Township will be damaged by a severe storm on April 15, 2020.

Actions to take if your home or car is damaged

Aftermath of a storm: what to do in the event of a power outage

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