Airlines dealing with staff shortages that cause flight delays

With the success of the COVID-19 vaccine, people are approaching pre-pandemic levels. Airlines staff are having a hard time meeting demand.

Cleveland — The aviation industry is working to reduce and cancel flights, with a July 4 holiday of less than two weeks. It’s all due to the lack of workers to serve the increasing number of aviators.

“We see many flight delays, cancellations and long lines. You may be accustomed to flying frequently, but first-time or less frequent travelers are really in pain. “Roxanne says. Owner, Grewal Destination Lux Travel agency.

Airlines cut thousands of jobs last year during COVID’s heyday, and many jobs are still unfilled. American Airlines was forced to cancel more than 300 flights over the weekend. Due to a shortage of staff, we plan to cancel dozens more flights per day until July.

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“Cleveland Hopkins is busy. I don’t think many people expect real tourist numbers. People think they can get to the airport just before the plane as they used to, but they’re busy.” Says Grewar.

Currently, 2 million passengers pass through US airports daily. This is about the same as the pre-pandemic level of 2.4 to 2.6 million people.

Grewar provided some tips for this new regular flight:

1. Make sure you’re signed up for airline alerts-you’ll be instantly informed about cancellations and other flight changes.

2. Download the airline app-you can manage your bookings on the go.

3. Consider Travel Insurance-Very useful if you have flight delays or cancellations, need a rental car, or need to change your travel plan.

4. Read the Terms of Service-What the airline is supposed to do for you if something happens on the flight, and what the airline is legally obliged to do. Please know

Airlines dealing with staff shortages that cause flight delays

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