Airplane ticket prices continue to rise

Other means of transportation have been affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as gas prices soared, which could affect American vacation plans.

According to the Argus US Jet Fuel Index, the cost of jet fuel for commercial aircraft has also skyrocketed, with an average jet fuel price per gallon of $ 2.71 since the conflict began on February 24, when the price per gallon is four. Exceeded the dollar. ..

Global jet fuel prices have skyrocketed to their highest level in 14 years, according to Reuters. This is bad news for people heading to the sky.

“In addition to rising pump prices, soaring oil prices have also lowered jet fuel prices, which could increase airline operating costs and lead to higher airfares,” he said. Mark Jenkins, an AAA spokeswoman, told McClutch News.

Rising jet fuel prices also mean higher airfares for Americans, but because airlines pre-purchase jet fuel, US airlines are unlikely to rise for weeks. Experts told McClutch News.

Aviation analyst Mike Boyd told McClutch News that “flying will cost more. There is no doubt about it.” “I don’t know when it will happen. Jet fuel can’t exceed $ 2 a gallon and won’t rise.”

Boyd also predicts a decline in flight service. This can be a problem as experts are seeing a significant increase in travel demand.

Demand for air travel increased significantly due to the deregulation of COVID-19 and stagnant demand for travel after a two-year pandemic.

“People aren’t traveling in 2020 and 2021. They really really want to go,” Joe Weigler, owner of Shadyside Travel in Pittsburgh, told McClatchy News.

Experts say this will lead to higher overall airfare prices as jet fuel prices rise.

“I think demand is pushing up prices to about the same as fuel costs,” Travis Pakin of 417 Travel in Springfield, Missouri, told McClutch News.

Americans should not expect prices to drop quickly, especially if there is high travel demand that meets pre-pandemic prices in 2019.

Jordan Bradshaw, Houston’s Northcutt travel agency, told McClutch News: “If people are traveling, supply is low and demand is high, it will go up.”

According to some experts, Americans will travel regardless of rising prices. In fact, travelers may opt for airfare instead of driving because gasoline prices are so high.

“Many people who used to travel long distances don’t do that now,” Wygler said. “And they are actually flying to their destination.”

Others say higher prices will not stop people from traveling, but will change where they travel.

“If you want to travel, you’re going to travel,” Bradshaw said. “I think it’s like taking you to a place where you can travel. If you want to go to Saint Lucia, you know, the airfare is really high. So you probably said,” OK, well, that’s a little. It’s low, so I’m going to Cancun instead. ” So someone wants to travel. I don’t think airfare pricing will discourage their travels. You will control where they can go. “

Many who want to travel for two years will accept higher fares.

“No, costs aren’t slowing it down, as long as you’re on your honeymoon, family trip, or spring break trip that many families have missed over the last two years,” Paquin said.

But still, Boyd believes that some people will not travel when the price of jet fuel is high enough.

“If it gets high enough, people may not go to Boca for vacation,” said an aviation analyst. “You may want to buy groceries instead.”

How to save

There are still ways to save even higher prices that won’t discourage some travelers.

Experts agree that the main way to save money on airfare travel is to take advantage of airline schedules to buy as soon as possible and release flights almost a year ago.

“Sweet spots are usually six to five months. If the price just goes up from there, you’ll get stuck at that high airfare, so we want to make sure the price is fixed,” Bradshaw said. increase.

Experts say that some airlines, such as Southwest Airlines, have transactions that can be monitored in advance, adding that they need to participate in loyalty programs whenever possible.

In addition, experts say it’s mostly a myth that tickets can be significantly cheaper on average, depending on the day you buy them. However, it is true that tickets can be cheaper depending on the day you board the flight, including late travel days such as Mondays and Tuesdays.

Travelers can also hire travel advisors to get the best deals and vacation packages possible.

Websites like Hopper will show you the cheapest flights possible and predict if prices will go down or if you need to buy immediately.

But overall, if you plan to travel, don’t wait for clear advice. If you look pretty, then grab it.

“If you don’t book it, someone else will book it,” Pakin said.

Passengers will wait to board an American Airlines flight to Dallas on November 24, 2021 at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Arlington, Virginia.

Here’s why — and how to save

Airplane ticket prices continue to rise

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