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Alex Jones trial: Psychiatrist says parents fear for their lives

Alex Jones will testify in his own defense on Tuesday, his attorney said.

AUSTIN, Texas — The parents of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victim have a complex form of post-traumatic stress disorder and are constantly fearing they will be killed by supporters of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. A psychiatrist testified Monday at Jones’ defamation trial.

6-year-old Jesse Lewis’ parents, Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, sued Jones and his media company free speech system Jones and his Infowars website claim that the 2012 attack that killed 20 first graders and six school staff was a hoax or a hoax.

“The overwhelming source of their pain is what Jones does,” said Roy Rubbitt, a forensic psychiatrist hired by the plaintiffs to investigate the trauma their parents faced.

The post-traumatic stress disorder that parents suffer from is not based on a single event, but on constant trauma, similar to what soldiers in war zones and victims of child abuse endure. ing.

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Heslin and Scarlett Lewis are haunted not only by the memory of their son’s horrific death, but also by the denial and aggression against them, and by their son’s legacy they have endured over the years. You mentioned the security guards you hired to protect your parents during the two-week trial.

Rubbitt said Heslin was gunned down in his home and charged on the street. Scarlett Lewis tells Rubbitt that he has sophisticated surveillance equipment in his home and sleeps with a gun, knife and pepper spray by his bedside.

Andino Raynal, Jones’ attorney, attempted to attack the veracity of Lubitt’s testimony and whether there was any prejudice in favor of the parents seeking at least $150 million in the case. ran for the Connecticut Senate as a Democrat in 2018.

“Do you hate Alex Jones?” Renal asked.

“I don’t like what he does,” Rubbit replied.

Heslin and Lewis’ attorney, Mark Bankston, said the family was placed in isolation under a “large and professional security team” due to incidents that have occurred since the trial began. You didn’t provide details of what happened.

“They’re isolated and they’re going to stay. All I can say is they’re scared right now,” Bankston said.

Heslin and Lewis have been present at nearly every trial since their opening statements on July 26, and the first to arrive at the court was a small security detail. They left court together on Monday morning.

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Michael Crouch, a Connecticut psychologist who treated Heslin and Stewart, said lies about the Sandy Hook hoax stole his son’s precious memories.

“If Alex Jones was spreading beliefs and lies that Neil was an actor, that would mean Jesse doesn’t exist. Crazy,” Crouch said.

Heslin and Lewis are scheduled to testify on Tuesday as final witnesses on their side.

Raynal said Jones will testify in his own defense on Tuesday.

Monday’s testimony also included a deposition video by an Infowars reporter, whose website does not include fact-checking, source scrutiny, second-source verification of information, and training on journalism standards. said no.

Jones, who only attended part of the trial, was not in court for his testimony Monday morning.

Jones lives in Austin and his media company, Free Speech Systems, is based there, so the trial will take place in Texas.Company filed for federal bankruptcy protection, However, defense attorneys say the trial, which is in its second week, should not be disrupted.

Free Speech Systems, which operates Infowars, has listed assets worth $14.3 million. This includes approximately $1.16 million in cash and approximately $1.6 million in property and equipment as of May 31.

It also lists $79 million of debt, including a $54 million debt to PQPR Holdings.

Sandy Hook’s family sued Jones individually over a $54 million debt list. PQBR Claims to be a Nevada Registered Company Owned by Jones and his family through Shell Entity. That case in state court is still pending.

Courts in Texas and Connecticut have already Jones held liable for defamation For depicting the Sandy Hook massacre as a hoax involving actors aimed at tightening gun control. issued a default judgment against Jones without trial.

Alex Jones trial: Psychiatrist says parents fear for their lives

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