Allen County Commissioner Get Up-to-date on Water Projects

LIMA — Allen County Commissioner has received updates from Allen Water District and Sanitary Technician Offices on various water and sewerage projects underway around the county.

The foundation is also planned for future projects and how they will be funded, and may be funded by the American Rescue Planning Act.

Projects currently underway include waterline improvement projects in the Indian Brook area. Eastern Waterline Project.. The district is also working with the City of Lima to complete a Master Water Plan survey, which is scheduled to be completed in 2022.

Commissioner Beth Sabert talked about the importance of staying ahead when it comes to making changes to the county’s water system.

“The role (of the Allen Water District) is to look at this county and use it as a palette of opportunities and where the challenges lie,” she said. “The County Commission wants to be proactive when considering infrastructure, rather than a follow-up response.”

In addition to the projects already underway, six projects include a waterline project to Lafayette and Harrod along State Highway 81, an extension of the route to Gommer, and the development of a route to serve the State Highway Industrial Park. May be planned in the future. 65. The project is not yet complete from a funding perspective and proposals have been made to use some ARPA funding.

“Of the $ 13 million project, they want about 26 percent of their money to come from rescue funds,” Seibert said. “Today we talked about the legitimacy of the projects, how to define the maximum benefits, who we are servicing and what we are offering in these projects. I think it helps us to justify the project better because we are looking forward to it. I think it gives us a lot of confidence in the actual efforts and research being done to proceed with a particular project. . ”

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Allen County Commissioner Get Up-to-date on Water Projects

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