Allen County Commissioner is in the process of repairing the building

LIMA — About three weeks after discussing a facility upgrade with Allen County engineer Brian Rhodes and director Jason Patch, Allen County commissioners are trying to upgrade the roofs of some structures in an old ODOT facility. ..

Commissioners are one step closer to spending grants on Thursday, before access to funds expires in June. Patchet advised the commissioner to place a final bid on the roof of the EMA building and advised the commissioner to proceed with the proposal from Duralast at a cost of $ 161,000.

Patchet has stopped advising committee members to decide on a sign shop roof project. He said there was another bid to review after it came back and asked the commissioner to postpone the decision.

After confirming to Susan Wildermas, the county’s finance director, that she had enough money to move forward to the county’s capital fund, the commissioner signed an EMA roof project contract with Duralast at a cost of $ 161,000. Followed the advice of the patch that voted to approve the conclusion of. After that, they planned to revisit the sign shop. Currently, the highest bid is around $ 32,000.

As the roofing project was processed, the commissioner turned to the $ 90,300 issue when the grants the county authorities wanted to use to make improvements expired before the funds expired in June. rice field.

Commissioner Brian Weingardner emphasized that all structures are in use at some point and need to be repaired.

“The important thing today is that the building is used for something, so we need to carry out these projects, and regardless of the purpose of the building, if the roof is not good, start the process correctly. Must be. The building is unusable. “

Jason Patch, director of Allen County Building, will address the Allen County Committee on Thursday about updating the project cost estimates for the EMA and sign shop buildings on the former ODOT site.

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Allen County Commissioner is in the process of repairing the building

Source link Allen County Commissioner is in the process of repairing the building

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