Allen Lima Leadership Recognizes 2021 Graduation

Lima-Allen Lima Leadership will introduce the 34th class on Thursday night and celebrate the 33rd class graduation at an event on Thursday night at the Veterans Memorial Civic Center at Town Square 7 in Lima.

The mission of Allen Lima Leadership is to develop adult and youth leaders for the benefit of the community. Twenty-five new graduates from ALL’s signature course strengthen the community as dedicated leaders in making positive changes.

The signature course offers a dual curriculum of community development and leadership development. Class members learn about Lima and Allen County. They are networking with each other and with community decision makers. They develop their own leadership skills that they can use in their work and other organizations.

Thursday’s get-together begins at 5:30 pm, dinner begins at 6 pm, and celebrations begin at 6:45 pm.

This year’s graduates are:

• DanaAddis, Lima City

• Nathan Broget, Tuttle Construction

• Michelle Breitigan, Allen County Common Pleas Court

• Hancock County ESC, Tyler Burkeland

• Gerber Insurance Agency’s Brandon Cooks

• TammyCottle, Degen Excavating Inc

• Lisa Davenport, Superior Credit Union

• DD’s Allen County Commission, Bethany Ernest

• Matthew Etskorn, Mercy Health

• Erica Hawkins, Lima Chamber of Commerce

• Christina Healy, Ohio-Lima

• Shelby Koenig, Bluffton University

• Willow Royale, Mercy Health

• Josh Luke, Ohio means work

• DeniseMartz, Mercy Health

• Kendra Nickel, HCF

• Ford Motor Company, Courtney Owens

• Chad Reichenbach, Allen County Children’s Services

• Kerrie Romes, HCF

• Cody Smith, Rea Associates

• Olivia Smith, NOW Marketing Group

• Tyler Smith, Mercy Health

• Michelle Steink, Opportunity for Ohio

• Vista Stewart, Cenovus Lima Refinery

• Jeff Utz, Lima Memorial Health System

From top left, the 2021 Allen Lima Leadership Class graduates are Dana Addis, Nathan Brodget, Michelle Braitigan, Tyler Burkeland, and Brandon Cooks. Second row, from left, Tammy Kotor, Lisa Davenport, Bethany Ernest, Matthew Etzcorn, Erica Hawkins. Line 3, from left, Christina Healy, Shelby König, Willow Lowry, Josh Luke, Denny Smarts. Line 4, from left, Kendra Nickel, Courtney Owens, Chadreichenbach, Kelly Romans, Cordy Smith. Bottom line, from left, Olivia Smith, Tyler Smith, Michelle Steink, Vista Stewart, Jeff Utz.

Allen Lima Leadership Recognizes 2021 Graduation

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