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Amanda Gorman’s Viral Poetry After Shooting at a School in Texas

Gorman, the youngest first poet in American history, expressed her anger at a shooting at a school in Texas in a series of tweets on Tuesday.

Yuvalde, Texas — Amanda Gorman In the face of tragedy, she puts her pen into action.

At the next moment of the shooting at Rob Elementary School In Yuvalde, Texas, 19 students and 2 teachers died, but Gorman used Twitter to share a powerful message about our country.

Gorman said, “The school was deadly scared.

The truth is one education under the desk,

Bend low from the bullet.

Gorman followed up on her poem with a series of tweets expressing her anger at shooting and lack of action against shooting at other schools. She called it “inhumane”.

“You need a monster to kill a kid, but it’s not just madness to see monsters killing a kid over and over and doing nothing. It’s inhumane,” Gorman said.

“The truth is the country under the gun,” Gorman added. “What happens if I try it? What happens just by listening?”

In 2017, Gorman was selected as the first national youth poet laureate.When she spoke with President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris Inaugurated in January 2021At the age of 22, she was the youngest and first poet in American history.

The young poet was one of the hundreds of famous figures who screamed following a deadly shooting.Yuvaldi natives and actors Matthew McConaughey He called on an American, his fellow Texans, and his mother and father to “find something in common.”

In the statement, he partially said, “As Americans, Texans, mothers and fathers, it’s time for us to reassess and renegotiate our desires from our needs. Must reorganize our values ​​and find a common foundation on top of this devastating American reality tragically becoming a problem for our children. “

Amanda Gorman’s Viral Poetry After Shooting at a School in Texas

Source link Amanda Gorman’s Viral Poetry After Shooting at a School in Texas

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