Amazing gold for the Olympic 100 brought back on Sunday

The victory came shortly after Italy’s Gianmarco Tamberi led the high jump Mutaz Essa Barsim in Qatar to the gold medal.

Marcell Jacobs won the men’s Olympic 100-meter race on Sunday night, crossing the line in 9.8 seconds and bringing Marcell Jacobs to Italy for the first time.

Jacobs was surprised even in a race without a clear favorite. He outperformed Fred Kerley of the United States and Andre De Grasse of Canada, and won the spot held by the now retired Usain Bolt for the past 13 years.

Jacobs’ victory happened quite a night for Italy. The high jump Gianmarco Tamberi tied the high jump Mutaz Essa Barsim to the gold medal in the high jump just minutes before the high jump. Tamberi writhe on the ground and someone had to hug him to kick his leg up in joy. And among all the people Jacobs found him when he first crossed the line.

Previously, Venezuela’s Yurimar Rojas broke the 26-year-old world record with a triple jump in a 51-foot-5-inch (15.67-meter) jump.

With Jacobs’ victory, everyone outside Italy, and perhaps some in the country, is also a collective “who?”

He was born in El Paso, Texas. He is the son of an American father and an Italian mother.

When the US military moved his father to South Korea, he moved to Italy as a boy. He has been a long jump specialist for many years and his greatest success was his 60-meter indoor victory at the European Champion.

He is currently on the same list as Olympic sprint champion Bolt.

When American Trayvon Bromell, who came to Tokyo at a world-leading time, didn’t make it to the 100-meter final, his path became much easier.

Bromell ran the semi-final heat in 9.96 seconds and finished third, saying, “I’m not sure what works, but the race went like a race.”

Another gold medal of the day was given to China’s Gong Lijao, who defeated American Raven Saunders in the United States. Openly gay and wearing an “incredible Hulk” mask during competition, Sanders closed the medal ceremony by lifting his arms overhead and forming an “X” on his wrists.

“It’s a crossroads where all the oppressed people meet,” she explained.

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Amazing gold for the Olympic 100 brought back on Sunday

Source link Amazing gold for the Olympic 100 brought back on Sunday

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