Andrew Berry of Browns describes the trade of Giant Moa

Andrew Berry, Cleveland Browns general manager at the Athletic Football Show, discussed trade-ups for choosing Jeremiah Ouskolamore.

Cleveland — Editor’s Note: The player video above is from a previous story.

Immediately after Cleveland Browns Trade up to choose Jeremiah Ous Coramore In the second round of the 2021 NFL Draft, Andrew Berry mentioned the irony of the deal.

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“Ask everyone. Is this an enthusiastic dream, or did Browns actually trade up and draft a linebacker?” Browns’ general manager followed the pick in a virtual press conference with reporters. Asked when I opened.

Berry was joking-as his rhetorical question was proved by the laughter he elicited-but like any other good joke, it was rooted in reality. Since Berry became Cleveland’s general manager in 2020, many have envisioned two things about his approach to drafting the front office.

Still here, Berry had an ax in both axioms.

Appeared inAthletic football show“In a podcast with Robert Maze on Friday, Berry was asked about his unlikely decision to trade for Ous Coramore, and he may have made that move contrary to Cleveland’s general tendency. Admitting that, he also said that there may be exceptions in all situations.

“Sure, there are principles that guide us, and in fact every organization has a philosophy of how to build teams, manage resources, and prioritize positions. I. We are not. That’s the difference. “

“That said, there is nothing absolute. There are some situations that break long-term trends, like Jeremiah last year, but as you hinted, it comes down to value. Both in terms of player value and personal value, as well as the cost of acquiring or acquiring a player. And in the case of Jeremiah, we really felt it was a match. “

Nor was it harmed if the diversity of Ous Coramore made him even more valuable.

Although he is officially listed as a linebacker, the 2020 Butkus Award winners have a skill set that can be as easy as considering him as a nickel corner or safe. As Berry pointed out, that type of diversity is particularly appealing in today’s NFL, not only because of the flexibility it can provide in defense, but also because of the constraints of the league’s roster restrictions.

“Football is really a war of attrition and you need it. It’s both the fact that it’s a war of attrition and now you can only wear 48. I used to be 46. I was a man on the day of the match.” Berry said. “We really need someone who can do more than one thing in case of a difficult situation.”

As a result, Browns found that he was trading up to pick 52 to select a player that many consider to be the ultimate defensive Swiss Army knife in the draft. And in the process, Berry helped turn what might seem like a feverish dream to many, including himself, into reality.

Andrew Berry of Browns describes the trade of Giant Moa

Source link Andrew Berry of Browns describes the trade of Giant Moa

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