AP Top 25 Voting Week 8

Georgia Bulldogs remains unanimously number one.

Cincinnati rose to second place after Georgia in the Associated Press college football vote on Sunday. This was the first time a non-traditional power conference team was ranked high since 2010.

The bulldog unanimously maintained first place with 63 votes. AP Top 25 What was presented by Regions Bank and Bearcats Iowa’s defeat to Purdue Saturday.

Hawk Eyes fell 9th ​​to 11th, and boilermakers ranked 25th, recording the longest drought in Power Five School’s current AP survey. Boilermakers were last ranked in 2007.

Oklahoma is in third place, followed by Alabama and Ohio.

Undefeated Cincinnati at the American Athletic Conference has reached the highest ranking in program history, reaching second place from outside the Power Five or BCS conferences since TCU finished second in 2010 when it was undefeated as a member of the Mountains. This is the first team to do. West.

Boise State University, then a member of the Western Athletic Conference, spent three weeks in second place in 2010.

Oklahoma has since risen to 8th place Defeat Texas It is in the top 10 for the first time since the beginning of the 2020 season.

Voting points

Seven ranked teams lost on Saturday, five of which were unranked teams, increasing the season total to 47.

In each of the last three weeks, the top three teams have lost to unranked teams. 3 Oregon on October 2nd.

Texas A & M was knocked off then-no. 1 Last week, Alabama before Iowa was upset at home.


All these losses from the ranked teams rocked the second half of the rankings, putting five new teams in this week’s vote. This includes teams that have never been seen before.

  • No.19 Auburn (5-2) Road victory over Arkansas..
  • No. 20 Baylor (6-1) returns to the top 25 A compelling victory over BYU..
  • No.23 Pittsburgh (6-1) was ranked for the first time this season.With quarterback kenny pickett Panthers smashed Virginia Tech Saturday. The pits have been temporarily ranked in four of the last six seasons, but never exceed 21st place.
  • Once Purdue (4-2) is in the rankings, Kansas will take over the top spot on the list of current longest runs without being ranked in the Power Five School. The Jayhawks was last ranked in October 2009. Next are Illinois, Rutgers, Oregon State University, and Vanderbilt University.
  • No. 24 Texas-San Antonio (7-0) was undefeated and ranked for the first time in program history. Michibasiri has only played at the highest level of Division I football since 2012. They are the first Conference USA team to be in the Top 25 this season.


Florida was out of the rankings for the first time this season. Gators were beaten by LSU Saturday.

that is Florida with no ranked teams, A rare event in the history of recent polls. That last happened in 2011, when there were no teams ranked six times as high as in Sunshine.

  • Arkansas’ three consecutive defeats left Razorbucks out of the rankings after a five-week run.
  • Arizona is out again afterwards Lose to Utah..
  • BYU has lost for the second straight week and has not been ranked for the first time since last month.
  • Texas is back … The ranks have dropped after Longhorns took the lead in the second half of the double digits for the second straight week.

Conference call

Big Ten-6 (No. 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 25).

SEC — 6 (No. 1, 4, 12, 15, 17, 19).

ACC — 3 (No. 16, 18, 23).

Big 12-3 (No. 3, 8, 20).

Americans — 2 (No. 2, 21).

Conference USA-1 (No.24).

Mountain West — 1 (No.22).

Independence — 1 (No.13).

Ranking vs. ranking

For the first time this season, there are no games on the college football schedule that match the ranked teams.

Top 25

  1. Georgia
  2. Cincinnati
  3. Okurahoma
  4. Alabama
  5. Ohio
  6. Michigan
  7. Pennsylvania State University
  8. Oklahoma
  9. Michigan
  10. Oregon
  11. Iowa
  12. Oremis
  13. Notre Dame
  14. Coastal Carolina
  15. Kentucky
  16. Wake Forest
  17. Texas A & M
  18. North Carolina
  19. Auburn
  20. Baylor
  21. SMU
  22. San Diego
  23. pit
  24. Texas-San Antonio
  25. Purdue

AP Top 25 Voting Week 8

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