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In an era when streaming and cable seem to be competing with each other for creative programming, network television somehow seems to be moving in the opposite direction. As the final season of television is nearing the end, we just need to see the latest fate of some broadcast series. NBC rejected musical drama Zoe’s extraordinary playlist (Despite us Passionate plea (For them to update), and the latest science fiction products in the network debris, Stay more established Lost-Inspired Manifest To the bubble.Fox serial killer procedure Prodigal son I also chewed dust, The silence of the sheep Sequel, CBS’ Claris, Remains in the bubble (and Transition to streaming), And the devil EvilThe long-awaited second season has moved to Paramount +. All of these are shows with a big twist on more traditional dramas and procedures, and they don’t seem to get the traction. What’s happening here?

There aren’t many fascinating and dangerous shows that have been updated recently, and this group didn’t make that cut. Indeed, the fall 2021 schedule is bloated with procedural franchise fares (the exception to this seems to be the CW that made its trademark by putting out strange shows). NBC is probably the worst culprit for 2 nights Dick wolf show- Chicago show(Med, fire,and PD..) Take over Wednesday night, but various Law and orders dominates thursday. NBC has moved all comedies to the mid-season to make room for this. ABC’s fall schedule has at least a lot of returning dramas that fans love.

Claris At CBS

Of course, there is more than one reason why each of these shows suffered their destiny. Claris It may provide us with the most clarity, as big marketing promotions were sometimes misguided and choppy schedules didn’t help. One failure here was a Super Bowl commercial that didn’t even include footage of the actual show. Instead, there were a lot of images of lambs (not a joke) and the viewers couldn’t quite understand what the show was about. is. The series didn’t air for a few weeks between episodes, so it didn’t gain enough momentum to have a strong fan base. Viewers do not seem to know that this show exists.

Prodigal son Despite the stellar cast, there may have been a similar problem (Catherine Zeta-Jones!!!) And the big hook as a premise, Fox, never seemed to know how to market it. Television has seen many quirky police consultants pass by over the years (Cyc, MonkEtc.), but those with serial killers for their father are definitely new. Still, despite consistently good topics, the series’ rating declined in Season 2.

Zoe’s Also, although there was a slight decline in rating during the sophomore season, it was easy to see that the cable channel was thriving due to the large number of flashy musicals.The people who make this show and their stars have revealed it Not finished yet, And are actively searching for new homes. One of the goals of the series is an enthusiastic fan base with the hashtag #SaveZoeysPlaylist number one on Wednesday night when the news of the cancellation was reported.

Zoe’s The situation raises an interesting question: does the network no longer know what to do with programs that aren’t straight procedures, sitcom, or reality TV?right Zoe’s Was it a big hit with streaming services and cable networks from the beginning? After all, we’ve seen it before.Life You are (Sure, it’s not a network show) It landed on Netflix and flew under the radar until support for a disturbing stalker drama exploded. In that case, despite the big marketing push from pre-premier lifetime, people didn’t really seem to be aware of the show until Netflix got it.

Victoria Pedretti Pen Badge Li Yu Season 2 Love Joe

You are On netflix

So, if so, are people not paying attention to what is being broadcast weekly, and are they paying attention only to what they can binge?Recent pivots, where many streamers have returned to weekly episode drops, prove that they aren’t – see recent sensations. Wandavision.. The cable looks okay — * cough * Mare in East Town..So, perhaps people may have forgotten at this point that the network is carrying more than your standard police procedural and essential reality television. Bachelor Franchise.

In that case, the solution may be doubled – lean further towards the more dangerous and creative shows they have become afraid of. They may have no choice. As people start looking for winding dramas, sci-fi / fantasy epics, and horror slowburns automatically by streaming and cable, network TV could do what everyone already thinks. (time travel DC’s Legends of Tomorrow It cracked a recent episode about how future network TV hangs in one show. “Is network TV still alive?” Says incredible Nate. ) Ambitious programming is not uncommon on network television. They need to be so common that people have to pay attention to what is happening there. Not useful for one quirky show that seems to be working, EvilAlso go to streaming (in this case it may have been moved to convince the viewer to subscribe to Paramount +).

It’s true, like a procedural franchise NCIS, FBI, Chicago,and Law and order Great and reliable (3 shows each). But if we continue this trajectory of safe replay, we can’t complain when we look around and realize that all the viewers are gone, because the networks are our fault.

Are quality shows destined for network TV? | Entertainment

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