Are there toy drives in Ottawa and Sandusky County?

“Unfortunately, some of these children don’t feel their love and anxiety, and it’s heartbreaking,” said Lisa Lauro, founder of Voices 4 Victims.

Voices4 Victims, an organization advocating for physically or sexually abused children, is committed to helping these young victims.

The group held a Christmas party in Sandusky on Saturday, became aware of the problem and helped drive the toys.

According to this group, children affected by abuse need people to stand up for them, especially now, before and after holidays, when they may not be able to rely on anyone.

“It’s an ugly situation that not everyone wants to talk, but someone is there and needs to hear someone,” said founder Lisa Lauro. Voice 4 victim..

On saturday they met at Rocking horse lunch To further support these young victims in Sandusky.

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“All year round, they support children who are ignored and abused, but especially during Christmas time, everyone donates gifts and smiles on the faces of children who wouldn’t otherwise have Christmas. It’s very heartwarming to see it bring, “said Julie Lauder.Owner Rocking horse lunch..

Over the past year and a half, pandemic restrictions have forced Voices 4 Victims to find other ways to help their children.

“We try to go to court when we can. Unfortunately, thanks to COVID, we can’t always go to court now, but there is social media. Thanks to social media, You can contact them, and that’s how, “Lauro said.

Lauro says he can have a relationship with the children because he was once the victim of abuse.

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And sometimes they only need a hug, a listening opportunity, or a small gift on vacation, and Roeder was happy to be part of it.

“It’s hard to find a way to help people, and this is a good way to make it easier to drive toys and allow anyone to bring in toys to help their children,” Lauder said. ..

Lauro says holidays are a time when children need to know they haven’t been forgotten and someone cares.

“It’s hard. Everyone is missing something at this time of the year. This is when everyone should be together. It’s a family time and everyone shows love and worry. And, unfortunately, some of these children don’t feel it. Their love and concern, and they are in grief. ”

And that’s where the voice for the victims intervenes.

This group has collection boxes throughout Ottawa and Sandusky counties.

  • Happy Hooker Outdoors, Oak Harbor
  • Erie Social Shuffleboard Club, Marblehead
  • Packet puppy, Marblehead
  • Key Realty, Gibson Berg
  • Fremont, the Emporium of the past and present
  • Gilbert’s location and the Great Lakes ace, Bellevue
  • The Great Lakes Ace, Clyde

You can also access the organization and donate Social media site.

Are there toy drives in Ottawa and Sandusky County?

Source link Are there toy drives in Ottawa and Sandusky County?

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