Ask Dr. Roach: Currently, it is not recommended to check for antibodies.Lifestyle

Dear doctor. cockroach: How effective is the COVID vaccine for people who are prescribed immunosuppressants? Will the required levels of antibodies be tested and boosted immunized faster than others?

— CJ

Dear reader: The degree of effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine in people whose immune system is weakened by illness or medication can be highly dependent on the degree of immunosuppression. It is not possible to comment on the efficacy of this group of vaccines as no large studies have been conducted yet. Vaccinated people are more effective in preventing illness than those who are not, and are probably more effective in preventing aggravation, hospitalization, and death. This depends on the exact circumstances of the individual, but most people need to be vaccinated. Only your doctor can answer individually.

However, even people with an immune system that is unaffected by their medical condition or treatment do not have a complete degree of protection. At the time of writing, there are reports that vaccinated people became ill with COVID-19 and were hospitalized. There is no absolute guarantee in life. Of course, there is no medicine. Therefore, it is important for everyone, especially those with immune system problems, to remain vigilant after vaccination. You should continue to wear masks in public places and keep a social distance, especially for those who have not been vaccinated.

I hope that the experience will clarify the antibody titer and the role of the booster. At this time, antibody testing and booster vaccination are not recommended.

Dear doctor. cockroach: My sister has a urinary tract infection. Should she be vaccinated against COVID?

— JS

Dear reader: The only absolute reason for not receiving the COVID-19 vaccine is a history of severe allergic reactions such as anaphylaxis to the vaccine or vaccine components. In all other cases, you need to balance the risks and benefits.

People with severe urinary infections with high fever are advised to postpone vaccination for several days until the fever goes down and they feel better. If they have a mild UTI (discomfort may be much worse than “mild”, but in reality it means that there are no systemic symptoms such as fever or low blood pressure), vaccination Inoculation is perfectly rational. Long time to get another promise.

Dear doctor. cockroach: This may sound like a silly question, but let me ask what I know that many men are wondering. From a medical point of view, which is better for men, briefs or boxer shorts?

— DB

Dear reader: Men need to wear comfortable things, but from a medical point of view, it is only clear that boxer shorts are associated with improved fertility. Spermatogenesis is more efficient at lower temperatures, and boxer shorts make men’s thermoregulatory systems work more efficiently. Men planning to become fathers should consider boxers.

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Ask Dr. Roach: Currently, it is not recommended to check for antibodies.Lifestyle

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