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Dear Dr. Cockroach: I have liver disease (my doctor calls it mild cirrhosis) and severe, painful varicose veins. Is it safe to have varicose vein stripping?

-vice president

Dear reader: The risk of surgery always depends on the type of surgery and the underlying condition of the patient. Liver disease is very diverse and the risk of surgery reflects that. For people with very mild liver disease, the risk is not much greater than for people with healthy liver, but for people with more severe disease, even regular elective surgery is more than 50%. There may be a risk of death. Recommendation.

The procedure for treating varicose veins also varies in the degree of risk to the patient. As long as a liver specialist or a regular doctor feels that the liver is healthy enough, a vein specialist should be able to recommend low-risk procedures that can have excellent results. Modern surgical techniques that use only local anesthesia and microincisions that do not require seams are often walkable procedures, meaning that the patient can return home on the same day.

Dear Dr. Cockroach: I am a 56 year old female elementary school teacher and have a fundamental health problem. To get the most benefit from the COVID-19 vaccine, do I need to get this vaccine in June / July to increase protection to start teaching directly in August? Or should I receive this vaccine immediately? I will continue to teach online for a few more months.


Dear reader: We recommend that you vaccinate as soon as possible. You have a fundamental health problem, so it is very important to get protection against COVID-19 as soon as possible.

The protection period from various vaccines is unknown. The best information I’ve read recently suggests that the period will be at least 8 months. Hope it gets longer, but you may need a booster shot. Still, vaccines should protect you far beyond the beginning of school, and by then we will have a better idea of ​​how long-term protection we have.

Dear Dr. Cockroach: If some people infected with the coronavirus are asymptomatic, what are the consequences of those people being vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine? Will their system be overwhelmed? Will recovery be faster?

— SS

Dear reader: This situation has probably already occurred many times, as vaccines became available when the population was still in large numbers of infections.

There are no clear data, but as it is known, I believe that vaccination with the COVID-19 vaccine for asymptomatic infections does not overwhelm the immune system. Depending on when they were vaccinated compared to when they were exposed to the live virus, the vaccines may or may not help them get better sooner or avoid serious illness.

Vaccines may also still be effective in preventing future COVID-19 infections when given to people with active illness. However, do not administer to people with COVID-19 symptoms. Also, if you are receiving COVID-19 monoclonal antibody treatment, do not administer the vaccine for 90 days.

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Ask Dr. Roach: Is Vein Stripping Safe for People with Mild Liver Disease? | Lifestyle

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