ASPCA spends more than 3% of its budget on animals.

In reality, 75% of the budget is spent on programs, 44% of which is devoted to shelter and veterinary services.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is famous for its tearful commercials depicting abandoned and abused animals with sad music. This commercial is an attempt to solicit donations from viewers.

However, ASPCA, one of the largest animal welfare organizations in the United States, has been exposed to more than dissatisfaction with their miserable commercials.Ah Recent posts Is spreading around Facebook claiming that ASPCA will only use $ 0.03 (equivalent to 3% of the money) for every $ 1 donated for “transportation of veterinary supplies and animals.” The post also claims that the organization’s CEO earns at least $ 700,000 a year.


Does ASPCA spend only 3% of its budget on transporting veterinary supplies and animals?

Source of information


Facebook posts seem to imply that 3% of the money is all that ASPCA is committed to animal welfare, but much more of your donation is to help animals directly. Will be used.

Charity Navigator states that ASPCA spends nearly 31% of its revenue on “shelter and veterinary services.” We spend 75% of our budget on the total cost of the program. This includes education and policy, as well as shelter and veterinary spending.

What we found

Charity Navigator is an independent, non-profit evaluator that provides publicly available charity assessments based on the financial information derived from tax returns and the transparency of charities.It Evaluated ASPCA It has 4 stars for transparency, 2 stars for finance, and 3 out of 4 stars.

ASPCA’s Charity Navigator financial performance metric reveals that organizations spend 75% of their expenses on program costs.

The cost of those programs Further disassembly It also shows that 44% of program spending is spent on shelter and veterinary services. That’s about 31% of your organization’s annual revenue. ASPCA also spends money on public education and policy.

Is ASPCA website breaks Their activities are categorized by the issues they are involved in and the direct animal welfare activities in which they participate. Their problems are “animal homelessness” and “animal cruelty”. Their reactions are “animal protection,” “animal placement,” and “animal rescue.” ASPCA is not affiliated with local animal shelters or local SPCAs.

The Facebook post correctly identifies the salary of the ASPCA CEO. According to Charity Navigator, CEO Matthew Bershadker receives an annual salary of $ 762,996.

Source of false alarm

Post information 2016 blog post We used the 2014 tax return to calculate ASPCA spending. The blogger is Anne Paddock, a former banker who blogs to delve into the finances of nonprofits.

The paddock is critical of ASPCA spending in blog posts, but offers more context about ASPCA’s total spending than Facebook posts.

Paddock claimed that 3% of ASPCA’s revenue was spent on veterinary services and transportation. However, Paddock also states that 8% of ASPCA’s revenue goes to subsidies for animal care such as transportation and contraceptive / castration surgery programs. In addition, 8% of revenue was devoted to “operational supply”.

According to Paddock, 33% of ASPCA’s income goes to “salaries, pensions, benefits and payroll taxes.” Further down in the blog post, she states, “This organization is staff-intensive because of the services it provides (contraception / castration surgery, education, veterinary services, etc.).”

Newer 2021 blog post Paddock claims that 5% of ASPCA’s income goes to veterinary and surgical supplies, 5% of its income goes to grants, and 35% goes to employee compensation.

So, as of 2019, at least 10% of ASPCA’s revenue is spent on animal welfare projects, according to the very person Facebook claims from which the data was obtained. Estimates that 45% is spent on animal welfare.

The number of charity navigators is 31%, somewhere in between. Even if the numbers are within that range, they are much higher than the 3% claimed in Facebook posts.

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ASPCA spends more than 3% of its budget on animals.

Source link ASPCA spends more than 3% of its budget on animals.

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