Assaulted USCP Officer Harry Dunn talks about “J6 justice” rally

Officer Dan will soon be at the forefront again. He will be in defense mode at the next “Justice for J6” rally: an alt-right protest at the Capitol on Saturday.

Washington — In January, during a Capitol riot, while US Capitol police officer Dan defended the Capitol from a riot, he was forced to face repeated physical and verbal attacks. I did. He was able to bring it to life, but he never returned home that day without the puncture wounds caused by insulting the racist slur.

Soon, Officer Dan will be at the forefront again. He will be in defense mode at the next “Justice for J6” rally. An alt-right protest at the Capitol on Saturday is scheduled for 12:00 pm around Union Square near the reflection pool.

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More than 250 days after the Capitol rebellion, district-wide law enforcement agencies are steadily preparing for the return of the alt-right. The Metropolitan Police Department activated the entire army on Saturday and even postponed the holidays. US Sergeant Arms announced on Tuesday that members and staff are strongly encouraged to avoid the US Capitol on September 18, unless they need to be on the scene.

Mike Valerio of WUSA9 sat down with an officer from Prince George’s County to hear more about his path to healing and his mission to continue to defend.

In July, Dan testified in front of the House Select Committee. This helped to paint the ongoing sadness, pain, and sometimes anger of men and women who confronted thousands of rebels on January 6.

The other three, who testified as Officer Dan, spoke for more than three hours about the violent assault they suffered, the insults of alien exclusion, and prolonged injuries.

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Now, a few months later, the effect is still felt.

“There is no specific prescription to heal. You take it every day,” Dan shared his experience. “And you don’t necessarily see, you know,” I’m not going to get better by this day. ” .. .. .. Every day is the way you take it. And gradually I realized that I was starting to get better. “

Dan added that treatment is a process that has greatly helped him. But he adds, the pressure didn’t stop.

Just last month, Parliamentary police spent five hours negotiating after negotiating with a man who claimed to have explosives on the sidewalk outside the Library of Congress. The imminent “Justice for J6” rally continues to loom. And surely, a few colleagues who paid the ultimate price: four who have now died of suicide.

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Dan said he was uncertain when asked if he believed he continued to suffer in silence.

“I don’t know. That’s the problem. I don’t know. Unless they tell you, you never know what people are experiencing.”

He tells us that for now, his focus is on the coming weekend.

Dan said he is confident in the new leadership that will lead the effort, including new chiefs Thomas Manger and Sergeant William Walker on Saturday. “We encourage people to be in the best position to make us successful,” he said. He also supports the re-installation of the Capitol fence for the event, providing an additional layer of protection it provides.

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Dan admitted that he was afraid of what would happen on Saturday. But that doesn’t keep him away, he said. “”[It’s] Not enough to discourage me from appearing and working. “

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Assaulted USCP Officer Harry Dunn talks about “J6 justice” rally

Source link Assaulted USCP Officer Harry Dunn talks about “J6 justice” rally

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