Astounding Casino Wins In Slots & Poker

We all dream of raking in a seven or even eight-figure sum when betting, but it’s pretty darned rare, alas. But rare means it does still happen, and here are some of the most impressive wins that players have enjoyed in the casino.

Life-Changing Win In Las Vegas

After the enormous pandemic disruption of leisure activities and businesses that bedeviled whole sectors of the economy, things are finally back to normal. Casinos have opened their doors and major league sports are back on the menu. One thing that’s actually improved not only in 2020 but in 2019 is that the US (as well as Canada) has taken a much more open and modern view of sports betting and online casinos – making it easier than ever for players in North America to play at virtual betting sites, whether opting for casino games or sports bets.

Las Vegas, also known as Sin City or the Gambling Capital of the World, has seen some major moments over the years, from epic poker duels, mafia-related misdeeds, nuclear tourism, heists, and incredible winnings. One that is considered as the biggest jackpot of modern casino times in the city is the $39.7m that a software engineer scooped in 2003. The winner remains anonymous, but we know that he was 25 at the time and can only hope he was mature enough to handle receiving a life-changing sum of cash. The win came at the Excalibur Casino after around $100 had been put into slots. The sum involved is so large it’s actually being paid out at the rate of $1.5m per year, which is a pretty sweet way to live.

A Christmas Miracle

As our wise friend Hans Gruber once remarked, Christmas is a time for miracles. And a chap identified as ‘Kevin’ (not his real name) certainly found this to be true when he stayed in a Las Vegas casino over the festive season. One night, the slot gods smiled on Kevin at the Suncoast Hotel and Casino and he was rewarded with a princely sum of $15.5m. it had taken only $40 or so in wagers to yield the phenomenal jackpot payout and was the biggest Vegas win for years.

Archie Karas And The Poker Rollercoaster

Greek card shark Anargyros Nicholas Karabourniotis (better known as Archie Karas) is one of the most famous winners in betting history – so famous that a movie was made about him. Unlike some others on this list, it was more down to skill than luck because his fortune was made (and lost) at the poker table. Karas was born in Greece and, less happily, in poverty. He ran away from home (and a violent father) as a teenager before migrating to the USA.

Karas was so good at pool that he made more in his leisure time from the pool hall next to the restaurant where he waited on tables than from his job. He soon moved onto card rooms and poker, and Karas claims to have gone from a millionaire to destitute and back again several times. In 1992, he was down to $50 and decided (optimistically) that the time was right to head to Vegas.

This optimism came off in amazing style. Over the next few years, his tiny bankroll swelled to a fortune measured in tens of millions of dollars, defeating major names like Stu Ungar and Chip Reese on his way to making over $40m. He then lost most of it in just three weeks, showing that Lady Luck can be kind or cruel, but she’s always fickle.

The Mystery Norwegian

Another anonymous player enjoyed a huge win one day in the online world, but this time our lucky bettor comes from Norway, in the far north of Europe. Simply known as Peter, the temptation of progressive jackpots caught his eye and he chose to spend some time with the Arabian Nights Knights. Perhaps Peter liked the thought of somewhere rather warmer. He certainly proved hot stuff when it came to winning, racking up a very tasty €11.7m, equating to more than $14m. In fact, it was the largest online payout that had ever been made.

Unlike the aviation industry the ordinary man or woman on the street is never going to have $482m thrown at them by the government. But massive casino wins, while rare, do happen, and even if you don’t get a juicy seven-figure payout there’s still every chance of finishing in the black.

Mammoth wins, whether from bingo, the lottery, poker, or slots are the stuff dreams are made of. And, for a select few, reality as well. Just remember that chasing a dream is ok but only bet what you can afford to lose.

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