Automobile workers need to go back to wearing masks at the factory

Automakers were accustomed to being maskless at work, but the number of cases has increased again and they are back.

Toledo, Ohio — Returning to the mask of a local car factory.

The United Auto Workers today has employees Must be masked while working..

Six months ago, the Union Hall at UAW Local 12 was full of vaccinated people.

“It’s certainly a step back,” said Totti Totti, president of UAW Local 14.

Thousands passed through UAW Local 12 doors Expecting a normal shot..

“More than 30,000 people were vaccinated in this room,” Totti said.

In this statement, the mask needs to return to the car factory and workers are warned of high levels of virus infection.

“The UAW acknowledges that masks can be uncomfortable, but it also acknowledges that Delta variants are spreading rapidly among unvaccinated people.”

“It’s disastrous to have to work with a mask during this time of high humidity. It’s difficult to breathe,” Totti said.

As the Delta variant continues to spread, we’re seeing other places regaining these steps.

The Toledo-Lucas County Health Department recommends that people wear masks locally.

Nationally, New York City has announced that indoor meals will require vaccination certification.

“As you know, our family died of the virus. We keep watching our friends going to the hospital,” said Tina Butts. Movement Said.

Butt is Work to vaccinate people In this same hall … and people want to use these precautions as a warning.

“I’m talking about them head and heart. We have to save people’s lives here,” Butts said.

And while the hall is back to normal, Totti says vaccination should still be a community priority.

“We can beat this, but we need to do what science has directed us,” Butts said.

Both Butts and Totti still encourage people to be vaccinated.

You will need to wear a mask at the car factory from tomorrow.

Details of WTOL 11:

Automobile workers need to go back to wearing masks at the factory

Source link Automobile workers need to go back to wearing masks at the factory

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