Avram Wimer-Farr

Avram Wimer-Farr died of undiagnosed heart disease at his home in Yellow Springs, Ohio, on Friday, September 24th. He is 26 years old and was born on December 28, 1994.

Avram attended Yellow Springs High School. He took classes and was a student worker at both the Midwestern University of Antioch and the University of Miami. He worked as a nursery teacher for five years at Siebenthaler’s in Beaver Creek. This allowed him to work outside and join the ranks of colleagues he considered friends. Siebenthaler’s planted a beautiful Kentucky yellowwood tree in his memory.

Avram was creative, entertaining and always shared with a smile. He liked walking on covered bridges. Spend time with his dog, Lucy. Watching fish in his aquarium. I’m sitting on his deck listening to music. Above all, Avram was a kind, kind and affectionate person.

Avram has survived by his family: Jane and Stephen Richson, and his sister Willow in Yellow Springs. Brad and Ashreefer of Centerville, and his twin brothers, Shiro and Truman. He has also survived by his maternal grandmother, Carolyn Wimmer. His uncle, aunt, cousin, Todd, Therese, Molly, Mason Wimmer. And his paternal grandma, Linda Sheets, all the kettering.

A small family monument will be held and a gathering of friends will be communicated via social media as planned.

The world is less place without your light. You will be overlooked more than you can imagine, Kid.

Avram Wimer-Farr

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