“Bach and Cardi B Encounter” Group Black Violin Performs Thursday in Lima

The Lima-Comeback Season has officially arrived at the Veterans Memorial Civic Center. Thursday night, Crouse Hall will host Black Violin, one of the most unique duos in music.

The group formed by Will B playing the viola and Keb Marcus playing the violin blends traditional classical music with today’s hip-hop hits. They won the world’s toughest crowd at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. They have worked with a variety of music superstars, from Alicia Keys to Linkin Park. They became a Grammy-nominated group for the album “Take The Stairs” in 2020.

But what are their main goals? Make classical music cool again.

“I think we’re breathing a bit into the shape of art,” Marcus said. “I think a lot of kids will meet us and think,’Wow, I didn’t think the violin was so cool.’ I think this cool element idea brings us a lot. Classic has become cooler and has been trying to imitate a bit. You can see it in different ways. “

Tickets for the Thursday night show in Lima can still be purchased at the Civic Center ticket office.

Marcus also said he hopes that the influence of the group will help not only grow the genre, but also make it more diverse. Foundation Focuses on.

“Only 2 percent of American strings students today are black. 4 percent are Latin, so 6 percent are like black and brown, and that number is a bit small for us,” he says. I did. “We have endeavored to give fairness to art, especially in our school, and especially when it has done a lot for us.”

The combination of two very different genres brings sounds and shows that no other group can offer. Marcus said he hopes the crowd will get as much education as they would enjoy on Thursday night.

“We hope you learn something about yourself. We’ll show you something you’ve never seen before, in a way you’ve never seen or heard,” Marcus said. .. “So, I think our end-of-life challenge or question or call for action for our audience is” what can we do that no one else thought was possible? ” “

Mixing Bach and Cardi B seems like an impossible task, but the Black Violin made it the secret to success. On stage, they don’t apologize for themselves, which can bring different levels of inspiration to the crowd.

“When you look at me on stage with your hat back or your pants slack, the kid can see himself. I’m the only one. I’m doing me,” Marcus said. Told. “It allows them to see themselves in me, and it definitely seems to benefit the classic side.”

On Thursday night, the classic hip-hop duo Black Violin, formed by Will’Will B’Baptiste (left) and Kevin’Kev Marcus’ Sylvester, will be on stage at the Veterans Memorial Civic Center.

Black Violin is preparing to bring Lima a unique show and sound

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“Bach and Cardi B Encounter” Group Black Violin Performs Thursday in Lima

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