Based on the true story, the drama “Jobel” that misses the opportunity significantly

The road to hell is not the only road paved in good faith.

“Joe Bell” Inspired by the horrific treatment faced by a gay teenage son, a new drama based on the true story of a man who decided to walk the country to raise awareness of the dangers of bullying is as well-meaning as the movie comes. It looks like there is. Apparently, it’s the movie most interested in honoring the real Joe and Jadumbbells.

It’s perfectly fine. Unfortunately, nevertheless, “Jobel” is perfectly average.

“Joe Bell” starring Mark Wahlberg from “Brokeback Mountain,” which writes a tandem for Reinaldo Marcus Green (“Monsters and Men”), Diana Ossana, and novelist Larry McMurtry. I will.

The film is told in a non-linear way, starting where Joe is already walking and pushing the carriage with supplies and tents along the paved road of Idaho as cars and semi-trucks pass him. Jadin (Lead Miller) soon emerged from the other side of the road, criticizing his father for walking with traffic rather than against it.

They also talk about why Joe is doing this for Jadin, even though Joe still seems to be working on some of them.

It is clear that Joe’s acceptance of what Jadin’s sexual orientation meant to him was a metaphorical journey. You’ll soon find the first scene of some flashback scenes back to Bell’s house in La Grande, Oregon.

This is 10 minutes after Joe just installed a huge new flat-screen TV in his living room and watched a big game with a few friends. At the blessing of his mother Laura (Connie Britton, “Promising Young Woman”), Jadin pulled Joe away and came to him.

(This fictional version of Jadin chooses this exact moment to tell him he’s gay.) Joe doesn’t react as we fear, but this about his son I refuse to believe. It may be best for Jadin to be in the closet.

Not surprisingly, that’s not what Jadin wants. He wants to live his life and be recognized who he is. Unfortunately, that’s not the case in this small town. Jadin will be thrown away in New York City when it’s college time.

But can he continue until then?

Reed Miller (left) and Mark Wahlberg appear in the “Joe Bell” scene. (Roadside attractions)

By undertaking this time-consuming adventure, Joe left Laura and another son, Joseph (Maxwell Jenkins, “Lost in Space”) at home. And it put a strain on the family. When they meet Joe on the road and spend some time with him, the stress reaches boiling point and Joe’s anger makes the most of him.

But most of the time, Joe took the time to hit the pavement and stop giving presentations to school rallies full of boring students. He also visits gay bars on drug nights and talks to some people to better understand what they have experienced in life.

Wahlberg (“Spenser Confidential”, “Infinite”) is a relatively well-cast here because it’s perfect for drawing the average Joe. He handles some emotional scenes well, even if many other actors bring them more.

His best scene, and the best scene in the whole movie, features Miller (“girl named Joe”). The young actor, with a relatively limited screen time, makes Jadin familiar and helps bring home how hard a life can be for people in situations like him.

Gary Sinise is also a little behind the film as a sheriff who meets Joe and realizes he has something in common.

Mark Wahlberg (left) and Gary Sinise share the “Joe Bell” scene. (Roadside attractions)

“Jobel” is packed with some dramatic punches in the form of plot development that is likely to surprise those unfamiliar with the real Jobel story.

In the end, in just 90 minutes, “Jobel” feels undeniably slightly.

The best thing I can say about this movie is that it feels pretty real, despite some familiar storytelling practices. Perhaps, however, it would have benefited from Hollywood decorations a bit more.

There was almost certainly a stronger story to be told here than “Joe Bell” had to offer.

“Joe Bell”

Where: theater.

when: July 23rd.

Rating: R for words such as unpleasant slurs, unpleasant materials, and teenage parties.

runtime: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Stars (4): 2.2.

Based on the true story, the drama “Jobel” that misses the opportunity significantly

Source link Based on the true story, the drama “Jobel” that misses the opportunity significantly

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