Betty White’s book sees an extraordinarily versatile career

“We can make a compelling claim that Betty White is the most versatile and beloved entertainer in American history,” the author said.

Los Angeles — Betty White’s photo fills the cover of a coffee table book that arrived a month before her 100th birthday, with a dented smile and an innocent look. According to the book’s author, Ray Richmond, this image is reminiscent of real white. After delving into her life and career, he concludes that she is as warm and attractive as she looks.

But whether it’s plotting Sue Ann at the Mary Tyler Moore Show or the naive Rose of the Golden Girls, her willingness to play against the type is how the game and talented White are. Richmond said it proved to be excellent.

Coupled with impressive work ethic, it took her from a cameo appearance on television in the 1930s to a loved one on Saturday Night Live in the 21st century, with countless show business gigs in the process. rice field.

“We can make a compelling claim that Betty White is the most versatile and beloved entertainer in American history,” Richmond said.

In addition to appearing on Sitcom and guest appearances on dozens of others, she was certainly a witty game show host and guest. Parade MC (Rose Parade in California and Thanksgiving in New York) and soap opera actor (“The Bold and the Beautiful”). She worked on the drama on the big screen (including the US Senator of “Advise & Consent” in 1962) and on television (“Bones”, “Boston Legal”).

Hosting “Saturday Night Live” in 2010, at the age of 88, she won her fifth Emmy Award and a new generation of fans.

White, who celebrates its 100th anniversary on January 17, 2022, did not participate in this book. Richmond, a veteran entertainment reporter and critic, instead relied on research and interviews with friends and colleagues such as Carol Burnett, Candice Bergen, and Gavin MacLeod (Mary Tyler Moore Show’s Murray). ..

Macleod, who died last May at the age of 90, wrote the preface to this book. Salute White as a great performer and “national treasure,” and he considered her “one of the most compassionate and loving people I have ever known.”

She’s also a pro, said Bill Delia, producer of “Boston Legal” David E. Kelley. Delia says in the book.

“David loved the contrast between her image and what the character was saying,” he said. “She is willing to say anything and do whatever the story and script demand.”

This book briefly sketches the early days of Illinois before moving on to a very detailed account of White’s success in Hollywood. Her husband Allen Ludden, who was the host of the game show, and all kinds of animals, her great love for life is also drawing attention. In the photo of this book is one of a couple on their wedding day in Las Vegas in 1963 (Ludden died in 1981).

There are also studio and promotional shots in White alone, and with her co-stars. One was filmed the night she, Via Arthur, Ruma Kranahan, and Estelle Getty recreated the “Golden Girls” scene at a royal variety show in London attended by the British Queen, who allegedly demanded a performance. ..

In the moments and milestones spoken of in “Betty White: 100 Notable Moments in Extraordinary Life”:

-After singing when graduating from high school in 1939, White and another student were asked to take part in an experimental television test in Los Angeles. The performance was transmitted to the lobby as they danced and sang on the 6th floor of a building owned by Carmelo Anthony, a car dealer and broadcast pioneer. Audience: teenage parents and a few others.

— When the United States entered World War II in December 1941, White, then shy at the age of 20, joined a female volunteer organization to provide home front assistance. During the day she drove a truck carrying supplies for soldiers housed in camps in the Los Angeles area. At night she participated in a dance for an army to be deployed abroad.

— The Betty White Show debuted at NBC in 1954, with White hosting a 30-minute song and interview. Included was 21-year-old Black Tap Dancer Arthur Duncan at a time when color people were rarely seen on television. The broadcaster’s manager, citing viewer complaints, threatened to pull the show. Rebellious White, with the help of the network, began booking Duncan more often. Duncan, who has been a regular at the Lawrence Welk Show since the 1960s and is now 88, is quoted in a book that defends White and salutes him as “opening a lot of performance doors.”

— White moved in a gorgeous circle and created them. Burnett recalls attending “Game Night” at White Raden’s house. Charades, board games, etc. are entertainment, “people like Fred Astaire will be hanging around, and Burt Reynolds,” Burtt said.

Betty White’s book sees an extraordinarily versatile career

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