Biden becomes the 13th US President to meet Queen Elizabeth II

She was a princess when she met President Harry Truman in Washington in 1951. The White House said Biden met the Queen in 1982, when he was a former US Senator.

London, UK — Imagine trying to impress someone you’ve met with almost everyone.

This is a challenge for President Joe Biden, who will have a cup of tea with Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle on Sunday after a summit of seven leaders in southwest England.

Biden will be the 13th president to sit with the 95-year-old monarch. The White House said he had met the Queen earlier in 1982 when he was a US Senator.

Before the two meet again, the leaders will attend a reception on Friday with the Queen, her son Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, and Charles son Prince William and his wife Kate. ..

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The Queen met all American presidents except Lyndon Johnson, who had not visited Britain during her tenure since Dwight Eisenhower ruled for nearly 70 years.

She She was a 25-year-old princess when she came to Washington in 1951 He stayed with President Harry S. Truman and his family at Blair House, where Truman lived, while the White House was undergoing a major renovation. She met Herbert Hoover in 1957.

her Personal connections with US leaders Emphasizes the importance of the United States to Britain and the Queen. She matured during World War II and understands the central role the transatlantic alliance played in modern British history, said Robert Hurdman, author of The Queen of the World. I am.

“She grew up with that American feel. It’s a kind of bailout that came in the darkest times of the war and saved Europe,” Hardman told The Associated Press.

Here are some highlights of her meetings with past US presidents on both sides of the pond:

Donald Trump

Trump and the Queen met at Windsor Castle during their visit to England in July 2018 and called for a major anti-Trump protest in downtown London, including lifting balloons depicting Trump in diapers.

He was criticized for breaking the Protocol by walking a little in front of the Queen, not next to the Queen, and turning her back when reviewing the Honorary Guards.

Mr. Trump later said that his late mother, Mary Ann, who was born in Scotland and loved the royal family, thought of him and his wife, Melania, having a cup of tea with the Queen.

Trump’s subsequent comments that the Queen told him that Brexit was complicated also caused a turmoil. Most heads of state keep their personal conversations with the Queen private. She also doesn’t talk about political issues.

Trump and the royal family met again during the 2019 D-Day Memorial.

Barack Obama

Obama and the Queen held the first of three conferences at a reception for world leaders attending a group summit of 20 countries in London in April 2009.

It was there that First Lady Michelle Obama broke the protocol by putting her short arms around the Queen’s back while they were communicating about her painful legs. Touching the Queen is generally no no, but she returned Mrs. Obama’s gesture.

The Queen invited Obama to an official visit in 2011. This included a two-night stay at Buckingham Palace and a luxurious banquet in honor of the President.

When Obama toasted the Queen, he didn’t miss the beat when the band assumed that the pause in his remarks meant that he had begun to finish the rendition of “The God Who Saves Her Majesty.” .. Obama kept talking about music until the band was quiet.

In 2016, the couple met again when Obama visited the Queen of Windsor Castle on another swing in Europe the day after her 90th birthday.

George W. Bush

Bush hated stuffy formal affairs, but in honor of him at Buckingham Palace in November 2003, he pulled out all the stops for a state dinner, after which he had a white tie and tail. I wore a tuxedo.

A few years later, at the Queen’s White House welcome ceremony while traveling to the United States in May 2007, Bush’s tongue slip created a ripple of laughter.

President Bush stumbled in his speech, saying the Queen ate with some of her predecessors and helped the United States “celebrate its 200th anniversary in 2017.” If she was angry.

“She showed me that only my mother could give children,” Bush said with a smile.

The Queen later toasted at a dinner hosted for the President at the British Embassy in Washington and turned Bush’s table.

“I was wondering if I should start this toast by saying,’When I was here in 1776,'” she laughed.

Bill Clinton

The Queen hosted Clinton and his wife, Hillary, on her Royal Yacht Britannia in June 1994.

A 412-foot (125-meter) long and 55-foot (17-meter) wide ship anchored at Portsmouth Naval Base and attended the Queen’s dinner at the Guild Hall for Allied leaders attended by the army. It was the home of. Normandy’s invasion of D-Day 50 years ago.

Clinton spent the night on a boat. The next day, Britannia carried Clinton to the USS George Washington aircraft carrier, preparing to celebrate D-Day Anniversary across the English Channel from Portsmouth to Normandy.

George HW Bush

One of the more memorable images from the monarch’s third visit to the United States came in 1991, when she saw only a white striped purple hat over the microphone at the arrival ceremony on the White House grounds. I did.

Someone forgot to adjust the podium after the much taller Bush spoke.

The Queen remained strong and downplayed the case when she later gave a speech to a congressional joint session.

“I hope I can meet you from where you are today,” she stalled. Bush later apologized and said she felt terrible that she did not take a step to stand.

Ronald Reagan

Reagan and the Queen have deepened their ties over their mutual love for horseback riding.

When Reagan visited Windsor Castle in June 1982, they lined up on an eight-mile (13 km) one-hour tour of Windsor Castle grounds. Reagan’s 11th-century mansion, a historic home of the British royal family, overlooks the River Thames.

During his stay in the United States in 1983, the monarch and Philip stayed with the President and First Lady Nancy Reagan on a ranch in Santa Barbara, California. She wanted to ride a horse again, but the storm did not allow it. Reagans served lunch of regional staples such as enchiladas, chili legenos, refried beans, tacos, rice and guacamole.

They also hosted a state supper for the Queen at the MH de Young Memorial Museum in San Francisco.

Jimmy Carter

The Queen hosted Carter on his first overseas trip at a dinner for NATO leaders at Buckingham Palace in May 1977. At some point, Carter noticed the arrival of the Queen’s mother while standing with the Queen and other guests.

Carter, a southern gentleman, walked away, picked her up and took her to a line of gathered guests.

A plain Georgian peanut farmer turned president, eating chicken mousse from a gold plate, between the Queen and her sister Princess Margaret, and across from her sons Prince Charles, Prince Philip, and Queen’s mother. He seemed excited about the dinner table.

Gerald Ford

Ford held a glass state dinner for the British in 1976 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the American Revolutionary War. The Queen was shining in a diamond-studded tiara for a crowd, including diplomats, star athletes, and celebrities such as Cary Grant and Julie Harris.

When Ford took the Queen to the dance floor, her mood evaporated and the song “Lady Is a Tramp” echoed throughout the state’s dining room.

Superville reported from Washington. New York Associated Press researcher Jennifer Farrer and Washington Associated Press writer Nancy Benac contributed to this report.

Biden becomes the 13th US President to meet Queen Elizabeth II

Source link Biden becomes the 13th US President to meet Queen Elizabeth II

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