Biden makes a “deep dive” to “about 4” High Court candidates

Washington-President Joe Biden says the Democrats he met on Thursday want a “convincing” candidate in the form of Judge Stephen Breyer’s retirement, so he’s a candidate for the Supreme Court. Seems to be narrowing down the list. ..

In an interview on Thursday, Biden told the NBC that the White House was “deep diving” into the candidates to see if there was anything behind them. Biden said his candidate is a black woman and will be decided by the end of February.

The comment came shortly before the meeting with 10 Democrats of the Senate Judiciary Committee. There he told Senator, many of them to his ex-colleagues, that he wanted to appoint a female of the type of Breyer who could not only convince Senator Delaware, one of the members of the committee who attended the meeting. According to Chris Coons, her colleagues will write “exciting, compelling, long-lasting discussions.”

Senator said Biden would soon meet the candidate. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin, Democratic Party, is half “friendly and light” and half serious as the president prepares to make history by appointing the first black woman to court. Said there is.

The Supreme Court nomination routinely involves a week-long review process and step-by-step narrowing of candidates. In his NBC interview, Biden did not mention the candidate’s name, but said he believed his final choice would win a Republican vote.

“I’m not going to make an idealistic choice here,” he said, adding that he wanted someone like Breyer. Constitution. “

Biden and Senate Democrats have said they are seeking significant Republican support from his candidates.

Another Democrat of the Justice Commission, Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal, said Biden’s choice after the meeting, after the Battle of the Supreme Court of Parties and the shift of the court to the right under former President Donald Trump. He said he thought it would be a “reset.” Democrats have vehemently opposed his three candidates, but they are all sitting in the High Court.

“This choice is historic not only because it brings about the historical diversity of the courts, but also because the quality of the people appointed by the president is historic and really helps to connect the nation with the courts.” Said.

Despite the Democratic lofty bipartisan goals, it is unclear whether Biden’s candidates will win Republican votes. Most Senate Republicans have consistently voted against his House candidates.

One of the Republicans who voted for some of the judges in the lower court is South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. He said he was ready to assist Biden’s candidate and was pushing for a South Carolina judge. Judge J. Michelle Childs of the US District Court said the White House was considering this job earlier this month.

We are also considering Ketanji Brown Jackson, a member of the US Court of Appeals in the District of Appeals in Columbia, and Judge Leondra Kruger of the Supreme Court of California.

Other candidates include Judge Wilhelmina Wright of the US District Court in Minnesota. Melissa Murray, a law professor at New York University, is an expert in family law and reproductive rights justice. Leslie Abrams Gardner, a sister of Stacey Abrams, a US district judge in central Georgia, a strong voting activist and candidate for Governor of Georgia.

Biden told NBC that his short list “includes very good qualifications and documented candidates.” They are honor students from the best colleges they have experienced, some on the bench and some in legal affairs. “

Graham says Childs is a good candidate, partly because he didn’t go to Harvard or Yale, unlike all the judges currently on the bench.

After the meeting, Biden predicted that Biden would nominate “such a compelling personal story, personality, and intelligent person that Republicans have no choice but to support her.”


The Associated Press writer Zeke Miller contributed to this report.

President Joe Biden will walk the White House’s South Lawn after leaving Marine One in Washington on Thursday, February 10, 2022. Biden is back from Culpeper, Virginia, where he promoted his administration’s efforts to reduce medical costs. (AP photo / Patrick Semansky)

Biden makes a “deep dive” to “about 4” High Court candidates

Source link Biden makes a “deep dive” to “about 4” High Court candidates

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