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Biden says police saved democracy on January 6.

President Biden paid tribute at the 40th National Peace Officer’s memorial service on Saturday.

Washington β€” Surrounded by the Capitol, President Joe Biden paid tribute to the fallen law enforcement officer on Saturday, proclaiming that “thanks to you, democracy has survived” on January 6th at that location. Honored those who repelled the riots.

Biden spoke at the 40th Annual Memorial Ceremony for National Peace Officer To remember the 491 law enforcement officers who died on duty in 2019 and 2020. Standing as a violent mob tried to prevent him from being promoted to president, Biden selected 150 injured and five dead police officers. Aftermath of the attack.

“Nine months ago, your brothers and sisters stopped an unconstitutional and fundamentally non-American attack on our country’s values ​​and votes. Thanks to you, democracy survived,” Byden said. Said. “For these men and women, we avoided catastrophe, but their heroism has come at the expense of you and your family.”

Hundreds of officers and their families were sitting in chairs assembled in front of the west front of the Capitol. The president draws a link between their loss and the history of his own sorrow, including the deaths of his first wife and two children, comparing it to “losing part of your soul.” Some of the audience tapped their eyes.

Biden also emphasized the heavy burden imposed on law enforcement officers, condemned the “police refund” political movement, and the people gathered in front of him “more so that you can work. Will get the resources of. “

“We expect all of you, and it’s beyond the ability of everyone to live up to overall expectations,” Biden said. “Being a cop today is harder than ever.”

Biden played the roots of the working class, noting that he had many childhood friends who became police officers, and said he had spoken many times at the event. However, Biden has sought to equate it with a unified service throughout his political career, but the Fraternal Order of Police, the organization that ran the event on Saturday, approved Donald Trump in the 2020 elections. However, many general police officers supported the former president.

After George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, Biden’s efforts to pass a police overhaul bill to strengthen practices collapsed, and Congressional negotiators announced it in September. The negotiations ended without agreement. It was a setback for the Democratic president who campaigned for the need for police changes and declared it an early priority.

In addition, his agenda on gun violence has been significantly stalled. His first pick He left in the face of stubborn opposition to run the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Recently, Biden has expressed hope that he will be able to sign a comprehensive police overhaul bill, seeking more administrative measures to hold police officers liable for violations of the law.

At the ceremony, Biden expressed concern and mentioned all executives in his duties. Three councilor shot in an ambush at the beginning of Saturday While working at a bar in Houston. One agent was killed.

Biden says police saved democracy on January 6.

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