Biden Vaccine Obligation for Healthcare Workers Blocked by Judges

Workers affected by their health care obligations were to receive their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by next Monday.

A judge in the Federal District Court of Louisiana said that healthcare workers COVID-19, New York Times When Fox news Reported on Tuesday.

Federal regulations require COVID-19 vaccination of more than 17 million workers nationwide in approximately 76,000 healthcare facilities and home care providers funded by government health programs. Workers are expected to receive the first dose by 6 December and the second dose by 4 January.

The Biden administration argues that federal regulations are essential to replace state policies banning vaccine mandates and delay pandemics.

Judge Terry A. Doughty of the US District Court questioned the constitutionality of the mandate that did not pass Congress.

“If separation of powers means something to the framer of the Constitution, it is by no means the three elements necessary to deprive people of their freedom and property: the ability to make rules, enforce them and judge violations. It meant that it didn’t apply. It’s the same move. ” “If the government is allowed to deprive the legislature of its powers and enact legislation, two of the three powers granted by the Constitution will be in the same hand.”

Doughty also wrote that he hopes the High Court will make a final decision on him.

This follows another order issued on Monday by another Missouri judge. Prevent enforcement of mandates To health workers in 10 states who have sued-Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming.

Also on Tuesday, the Kentucky Attorney General won a preliminary court order on Tuesday to block Biden’s vaccination obligations to federal contractors and subcontractors. A provisional injunction issued by US District Judge Gregory F. Vantatenhof will suspend the mandate in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio.

In a statement, Kentucky Republican Attorney General Daniel Cameron said, “This gives Kentucky citizens who either contract with the federal government or work for federal contractors an immediate remedy from federal vaccination requirements. Therefore, it is an important decision. “

Ohio and Tennessee have joined the proceedings alleging that vaccination requirements are illegal and unconstitutional. The obligation to require federal contractor employees to be vaccinated with COVID-19 is set to take effect on January 4.

“This is not the case as to whether the vaccine is effective, they are,” writes Van Tatenhove. “This is not the case as to whether the government can, at some level, in some circumstances, require citizens to be vaccinated. It is possible.

“The questions presented here are narrow,” he said. “Can the President use the power delegated by Congress to control the federal procurement of goods and services to vaccinate federal contractor and subcontractor employees? Perhaps the answer to that question is no. . “

Biden Vaccine Obligation for Healthcare Workers Blocked by Judges

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