Biden vows to continue encountering China over opioids

From Cincinnati, Ohio-US President Joe Biden said Wednesday that he would continue “this encounter with China” to stop the influx of deadly drugs smuggled into the United States via Mexico.

Biden said his administration “is addressing the entire opioid issue” by significantly increasing the number of people in the Justice Department when appearing on CNN’town hall’style programs from Cincinnati. ..

Fentanyl is thought to be 50 to 100 times stronger than heroin. The American health crisis caused by synthetic opioids, primarily fentanyl, was frequently caused by Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump.

The former president has repeatedly criticized China, a major exporter of fentanyl or its precursor chemicals, for failing to crack down on drug trafficking.

A 1,500-word background memo, issued before Biden’s third visit to Ohio during his six-month-old presidential era, states that everything from repairing highway bridges to fighting childhood obesity is a major part of the state. Concerns were included. Although no mention of the opioid crisis is mentioned, Ohio has been one of the countries with the highest overdose mortality rates, which has been the leading cause of state fatal injuries for over a decade.

White House spokesman Jen Psaki was asked on Wednesday’s Air Force flight whether the issue was a priority for the Biden administration. This is a problem that continues to affect people throughout Ohio. Any medical professional would say that the most important thing we can do is give people access to health insurance. “

Some US goals set for China during the Trump administration have not yet been met.

China has not taken steps to manage additional fentanyl precursors after Beijing cracked down on these two substances in 2018.

Chinese traffickers have shifted to sending uncontrolled chemicals to Mexico, and Chinese trafficked in the United States on fentanil trafficking charges remain large, according to a January report from the Parliamentary Investigation Bureau. Said there is.

“I don’t think we can do much to delay the export of these drugs in these countries,” Fentanyl, Inc. Said Ben Westhoff, the author of.

“What we can do is implement harm reduction measures at home, such as supervised injection sites, and increase access to fentanyl test strips, medication-assisted treatments, and needle-and-needle exchange programs,” he said. Said.

Westhoff states that he is an advocate of harm reduction and has a philosophy that people cannot stop using drugs and instead need to teach users about the dangers and help them use them more safely. Said.

“In this framework, the Biden administration is only slightly better than the Trump administration. In most cases, they just maintain the status quo,” Westhoff told VOA. “In the midst of the worst drug crisis in American history, we need to take bolder action.”

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention predicts that Ohio had the highest drug overdose ever last year. With more than 14 times a day, a total of 5,215 times, we set a new record high in 2017.

This makes the Midwestern state the fourth largest of the 50 states in the United States.

Overall, drug deaths in the United States surged dramatically, increasing by about 27% in the first six months of the coronavirus pandemic.

A total of 88,000 Americans have died in the 12 months to August 2020, according to the White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy.

“Illegal fentanyl and synthetic opioids are the main drivers of this increase,” said Regina Label, acting secretary general, at the greatest risk to people between the ages of 35 and 44. I told reporters early in the month.

“The Biden administration hasn’t done enough to address this issue in either China or Mexico,” said Paul Larkin, senior legal researcher at the Heritage Foundation.

Mr. Larkin said the question to the president was how many people had to die from smuggled fentanyl before he closed the southwestern border to drug smugglers.

“In this country, hundreds of people die every day while waiting for an answer to that question,” Larkin told VOA.

Tom Sinan, police chief in Newton Village, Hamilton County, Ohio, testified to the U.S. Senate in 2017 about the fentanyl crisis, but most of the emergency calls his police officers respond to, whether overdose or guns. Said that it was drug related. crime.

There is an overdose of 50 to 70 weekly throughout Hamilton County, killing more than 400 people each year.

Although the numbers in the county are stable, Sinan told VOA that these statistics were “people, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, and today mothers asked for help every day. We deal with the addiction epidemic. “

Mr Sinan said he wrote a card asking if 70,000 to 100,000 Americans need to die before taking action.

“I thought it was overly dramatic, but now I’ve noticed that not only was it not dramatic, but the numbers were pretty close,” the police chief asked Biden a similar question. Added.

“When the President of the United States stands up and says we Americans need to change the way we view and deal with addiction, it will change the stigma. We sincerely believe that it will shift funding research from criminal justice. To the system and the mental medical healthcare system. And that would be my question to him-what do we need to shift? “Sinan said.

The White House was opened almost four months ago, after the Biden administration was inaugurated. Introduced a 7-part plan The aim is to reduce the number of deaths. It will be implemented within the next year.

One goal is to shift the government’s response from arrest to treatment.

“The biggest factor that enables addiction is our own idealism and policy that prevents addiction from being punished and actually treated as a psychiatric health condition,” said Newtown Police Chief. Is. “

Biden expressed his understanding of the approach.

“We shouldn’t send people to jail [drug] use. It should be sent to forced rehabilitation. “

Biden vows to continue encountering China over opioids

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