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Bill Cosby’s Parole Refusal |

Bill Cosby was denied parole on charges of sexual assault, according to reports.

A jury convicted Cosby in 2018 on charges of substance abuse and sexual assault on women in 2004. He has been sentenced to three to ten years in Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Parole Commission’s refusal to release the 83-year-old comedian was due to negative recommendations from the Pennsylvania Correctional Bureau and participation in a treatment program to “prevent sex offenders and violence.” This includes what Cosby refused. Deadline report..

Andrew Wyatt, the representative of Cosby, USA TODAY reportedly This decision was not surprising, as the Parole Commission stated that Cosby would be rejected if he did not attend the SVP (Sexual Violent Predator) course. Wyatt also said Cosby had no plans to participate in the program.

Bill Cosby’s Parole Refusal |

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